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Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) Market is estimated to witness the highest growth during the forecast period 2020 – 2030

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Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) Market: Overview

The drive for value-based care in the healthcare industry is the one of the most crucial pivots on which clinical decision support systems (CDSS). CDSS empowers healthcare providers wade through enormous amounts of patients’ data, harness these tools along with the overall healthcare IT tools to get insights, which help improve overall patient care. Usually, CDSS forms an integral part of electronic health records system, and thus the latter’s deployment in worldwide healthcare industry has driven the evolution of the CDSS market. The objective of the system helps boost clinical efficiency at staff level and administrative level, enable care team members to prevent adverse events, and implement evidence-based care. These value propositions drive investment in CDSS market.

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The major delivery modes may comprise on-premise and cloud-based, and may be either knowledge-based or non-knowledge based models. The key offering of companies in the CDSS market are services, software, and hardware. The study offers insights into the current and emerging avenues in these segments and more, and presents data-driven assessment of the opportunities in various regions. The most notable trends in recent years which form a part of decision-making tools among healthcare providers are also highlighted in the study to help readers understand buyer’s behaviors.

Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) Market: Key Trends

The evolving regulatory and reimbursement environment in the healthcare industry has made clinical decision support systems a key part of healthcare IT. The CDSS market is propelled by the growing awareness about the gains healthcare providers can leverage using CDSS for value-based care. Over the years, rise in patient populations and the growing diversity of care they need have also raised concerns of medication errors and the incidence of adverse events. This is a key driver bolstering the expansion of the CDSS market. The adoption of CDSS has helped healthcare providers and patients get a comprehensive insight into the medication and procedures, thus advancing holistic health care.

However, there exists significant data security concerns if CDSS is not implemented properly. On the other hand, CDSS has helped early adopters gain insights that can take treatment protocols on next level. The drive for tailored recommendations for health behavior changes is a key factor boosting the demand for technologies and services in the CDDS market.

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Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) Market: Competitive Assessment

Service providers and hardware developers are keen on offering user-friendly systems. A growing number of players are engaged in meeting the healthcare demands coming from precision medical care. The drive for healthcare IT for population health management is a promising avenue for providers in the CDSS market. Rise in incidence of chronic diseases in emerging economies has led to untapped avenues for top players. A case in point is vast prospective demand of CDSS in managing burden from cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and cancer. Several of them are reiterating the benefits of cloud-based deployment to garner customers, and consolidate their shares from high sales in the CDSS market.

Some of the industry players aspiring for high stakes in the CDSS market are

  • GE Healthcare
  • Siemens Healthineers
  • Philips.

Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) Market: Regional Assessment

On the regional front, numerus countries in North America and Europe has been able to see widespread adoption of CDSS in the healthcare systems. However, in recent years, it is a few Asian nations that continue to attract vast interest. The growth in revenues in Asian markets is driven by substantial support by the respective governments. Rapid rise in adoption of electronic health records in Asia Pacific is also augmenting prospects in the CDSS market.

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