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Animal Intestinal Health Market Competitive Analysis and Forecast 2020-2030

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Animal intestinal health is a major concern nowadays as the health of animals is not only crucial for their safety and well-being but also for the human beings. The diseases in animals can easily be transferred to humans due to the growing consumption of meat and dairy products by the people including fish, chicken, sheep meat, milk, cheese etc. Probiotics, prebiotics, phytogenics and immuno stimulants are commonly used for improving the gut immunity among animals.

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Leading manufacturers are making investments in this market due to the spread of the corona virus disease throughout the world. The pandemic has created a state of emergency to increase the focus on health and safety. The need to stengthen immunity against diseases among the people is on top priority leading to further growth in its market progress.

The market for animal intestinal health is anticipated to witness exponential rise in its growth rate  along with a speedy rise in its CAGR through 2030. The  rising cases of intestinal disorders among livestock species is thoroughly contributing to the progress in the global market for animal intestinal health.

Key  Growth Factors:

The rise in the production and consumption of compound feed is driving the market for animal intestinal health across the globe. The demand for animal protein, dairy products and aquaculture are rising leading to increasing concern for their intestinal health.

The increasing population, urbanisation and economic growth is surging the market demand for livestock species to produce more within less resources resulting in boosting the progress of this market.

Awareness regarding safety, hygiene and health of  people and animals is growing that is creating an urge among the people about strong immune system and health care.  Spread of Covid-19 disease and other chronic diseases are further creating consciousness regarding animal intestinal health.

Key Restraints:

Strict rules and regulations introduced by the government in feed products are hindering the market progress for animal intestinal health. The ban on the use of antibiotics as growth promoter in animals is one such example that has created a hinderance in the market growth.

The high prices involved in getting the feed additives may create a potential challenge for the manufacturers in this market. They have to make high investments in feed products for improving intestinal health of animals.

COVID-19 Impact:                                       

The pandemic created a devastating impact on the global market for animal intestinal health in the earlier stages leading to suffering of losses and  decline in market position for several manufacturers due to strict guidelines imposed by the government such as lockdown, trade barriers, shut-down of manufacturing facilities, restrictions in transportation and distribution of goods and services. In the intial stages of the pandemic, the market players went through the worst. Now that the lockdown has been lifted up by the government to improve the economic conditions, the marketers are getting support from the government in overcoming the loss they went through.

In the current scenario, the pandemic is creating a favouable impact in the growth of this market. The manufacturers have learnt to deal with the crisis and manage their operations accordingly  The manufacturers in this market are  becoming conscious about the health, safety, well-being and better hygiene of the animals due to the spread of the virus. Animal intestinal health nutrition helps in reducing the incidences of infections among the animals and strengthens the immune system. It increases the potential to fight against the virus leading to creating more demands for the nutrients essential for proper intestinal health and well-being of animals.

It is forecasted that the market for animal intestinal health will experience exponential rise in its market progress in the pandemic due to growing  concern regarding health, sanitation and well-being of  animals and people.

Region-Wise Forecast:

The global market for animal intestinal heath is witnessing considerable progress due to rising awareness and concerns regarding animal health and well-being throughout the world. Asia Pacific is anticipated to hold significant market share due to growing demand in developing economes like India, China and Japan. In China, the cases of chronic diseases among animals are rising to a great extent which is creating an urgence for the demand of the products that improve animal intestinal health. Animal health awareness campaigns in India, China, Japan and Australia are creating prominent opportunities for leading players in this market. It has been estimated that Asia Pacific will go through tremendous rise in its market growth  globally.

On the other hand, it is projected that North America will face a steady rise in its market progress. It is expected to grab the second position in terms of market share due to increasing government initiatives for the well-being and safety of animals. The rising number of feed mills in the United States and Mexico are contributing to the fastest growth in this market.

Furthermore, adoption of  technological advancements and latest inventions in the animal feed industries in Germany, France and Italy are expected to augment the market growth in Europe creating favourable growth opportunities for the key players in this market. Europe is predicted to witness fastest growing CAGR rate globally making Europe the third largest market leader in animal intestinal health market.

Middle East and Africa is anticipated to flourish  over the forecast period owing to rising disposable income and urbanization in Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The efforts of the government to encourage the development of animal health-related products for improving their intestinal strength and minimize the spread of diseases are further adding progress to this market.

Market Segmentation:

By Additive:

  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics
  • Phytogenics
  • Immuno stimulants

By Form:

  • Dry
  • Liquid

By Livestock:

  • Poultry (broilers,layers,turkey,game birds,duck)
  • Ruminant (dairy cattle,beef cattle,calves,goats,sheeps)
  • Swine
  • Aquaculture
  • Equine and pet

By Source :

  • Microbial
  •  Plant-based

By Region:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East and Africa
  • South America

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Competitive Landscape:

The animal intestinal health market includes both leading players as well as new entrants. These players are considering all necessary strategies to increase their global reach and grab major share in the market. Some of the leading players in this market are DuPont Corporation, Alltech Corporation, Cargil Incorporation, Nutreco Group, Novozymes, ADM Limited, Evonik Industries, Biorigin, Kemin Industries, CHR Incorporation, Hansen Holding A/S, Lallemand Incorporation, AB Vista, Lesaffre Industries, Unique Biotech Industries Limited, Koninklijke D.S.V., Dwight Corporation, Vit-E-Men Company, Vets Plus Incorporation, ProVen Industries, Mystical Biotech Private Limited, Pure Cultures Industries, Bluestar Adisseo, Land O’ Lakes Incorporation, etc. These market players are upgrading their standards by focusing on product innovations, expansions, joint ventures, partnership deeds, collaborations and mergers and acquisitions to maintain healthy competition.

Among these market players, AB Vista Corporation has launched the first stimbiotic product called ‘Signis’ for livestock which is a blend of enzyme xylanase and fermentable xylooligosaccharides that develops a set of bacterial species to degrade fiber in the intestines of animals. In adddition to that, ADM Animal Nutrition Corporation introduced a product called‘Forage First GS’ for providing high-quality nutritional support for gastro-intestinal health of animals. These developments have resulted in improving the market position of these corporations.

Key Q&A

What is the market size of animal intestinal health market?

The animal intestinal health market is valued at nearly US$ 3 billion. The market is set to grow at nearly 7% CAGR between 2020 and 2030.

Which is the largest additive in animal intestinal health market?

Probiotics continue to be the largest additives in animal intesntinal health market.

Where are most of the opportunities concentrated in animal intestinal health market?

Livestock remains a lucrative category for animal intestinal health providers

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