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when a TV channel mistakenly announces a Chinese invasion


This Wednesday, April 20 in the morning, the Taiwanese had the unpleasant surprise to discover several alerts on the CTS television channel, based in the capital Taipei, stating that “New Taipei City Hit by Communist Army Guided Missiles”. “Ships exploded, facilities and boats were damaged in the port of Taipei”, explained CTS again.

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The television channel quickly issued a press release in which it “sincerely apologizes for this serious error which caused panic among the public and caused problems for the units concerned”. The channel, which has multiplied the patches, explained that its staff had mistakenly broadcast the content of prevention exercises that it had been responsible for producing for the firefighters of New-Taipei. CTS promised that she would “to punish severely” officials after opening an internal investigation.

No panic

The announcement obviously did not cause panic in the streets of Taipei. “If there is a panic, I have not heard of it. Things seem pretty normal”, says Leslie Liao, journalist for the Taiwan Plus site and Radio Taiwan International. However, the island feels increasingly under the threat of a Chinese military invasion. In the early hours of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen put Taiwanese troops on alert to “guarantee security” of the island and reassure the population. And a week ago, the Taiwanese army published a manual to teach civilians how to behave in the event of an invasion, including storing food and finding shelter during bombardments.

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→ REREAD. Beijing steps up military pressure on Taiwan

China claims the territory of Taiwan, which it wishes to reintegrate by force, and has intensified its pressure since the coming to power in 2016 of Tsai Ing-wen, who considers the island a sovereign country. However, the territory “never belonged to the People’s Republic of China, stated in February at The cross Stéphane Corcuff, lecturer at Sciences Po Lyon and specialist in Taiwan. Beijing’s entire policy towards Taiwan is based on this lie. »

Almost daily aerial maneuvers

Beijing has been multiplying signs of intimidation for months: Chinese fighter jets violate the Taiwanese air defense zone almost daily. According to a count established by Agence France-Presse, Taiwan recorded 969 incursions of this type in 2021, more than double the approximately 380 recorded in 2020. Since the beginning of 2022, 300 incursions have already been recorded. Added to this are the arrests of pro-democracy activists. On Friday April 15, 2022, Lee Ming-che, a pro-democracy activist imprisoned in China for five years, returned to Taiwan after serving his sentence in a case that had strained relations between China and the island.

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