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The US is reviewing the performance of the Chevrolet Bolt EVs after fire flaring the battery

Transport agencies associated with safety in the US, like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, are reviewing the fire source that broke out in the Chevrolet Bolt EVs. This brand is General Motors’ only brand in the US due to production specificity. Over 77000 Bolts developed from 2017 onwards are under review to establish why these cars’ electric battery storage flamed up.

The NHTSA obtained two reviews from Bolt users who verified that the car flamed up from the back seat when left under a parking lot. Investigations revealed that a similar incident transpired in the back seat of Bolt back in 2017. These incidents indicate that the electric vehicle battery generated the flames that burned through to the back seat. In another experience, a Bolt EV owner complained of choking by the smoke that rose from the rear seat, although the owner managed to escape unharmed.

GM spokesperson, Dan Flores, came to the public and explained that they are collaborating with NHTSA to establish the fires’ cause while conducting their private investigation on this challenge. Flores explained that they are working to make their products the safest. This explanation is among many that came other similar incidents which passed like water under the bridge. Nevertheless, Flores assured that they are keen to solve this problem completely.

NHTSA admitted that the fire incidents associated with electric vehicles are less explosive than it would be with internal combustion engine vehicles. The investigation revealed that the performance of the battery depreciates time. This depreciation increases the battery’s dangers flaring up to balance the chemical processes taking place in the battery.

With electric vehicles gaining support from the welcoming market, General Motors must brace itself to revamp its reputation and develop batteries with less cataclysmic effects. Countries like China have various electric vehicle models ranging from battery electric vehicles, plug-in electric hybrids and hydrogen fuel cars. Reuters reported that more sales have been taking place in this country, especially in the pandemic period and into the new normal.

General Motors revealed that it has about 20 electric vehicles and models to be released into the market. The company hopes that the battery problem will solve before implementing the next models. Some of the models coming in the line include Cruise Origin, GMC Hummer EV, Cadillac Celestiq, Chevrolet Bolt EUV and a bigger version of the Bolt. Other brands were also on display at the company’s mega vehicle rollout. Finally, General Motors decided to stop the Chevrolet Volt hybrid production, which demonstrated flaring, resulting in the NHTSA reviews. The final decision came after the company realized that a combination of electricity and engine oil would be explosive.