Trump opens advanced weapons dealing with India


According to a close associate of the Republican billionaire, The administration of United State President-elect Donald Trump dreams of breaking new ground in selling advanced weapons, systems to India, news that will likely be “music to the ears” of the government of India.

Shalabh Kumar, founder and president of the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) and a community organiser for Mr. Trump’s campaign said that along with a sharp focus on increasing the quality and quantity of weapons acquisition from the U.S by India, Washington under the Trump administration would also hope to lift symmetric trade from a little over $100 up to $1 trillion by the end of his second term.

On Thursday, Mr Shalabh Kumar, who met Mr Trump at his Manhattan residence said that during which Mr Trump addressed supporters from RHC and made the advertisement “Ab ki Baar Trump sarkar,” the impact of Hindu-Americans on the campaign was recognised.

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At the point when addressed on specifics about the weapons frameworks that the U.S. might like to offer to India on Mr Trump’s watch, exactly whether the proposal might include armed drones, Mr Shalabh said that he was that he was not a military expert and hence could not comment on that subject.

In Thursday’s meeting he confirms that, However, he said that discussions on this subject would focus on “the acquisition of advanced military weaponry for the defence of India. Mr Trump is very much for that. It is the second time when he declared this. The first time was when we had apprised him of the situation which does not allow U.S companies to sell advanced weaponry to India.

“As soon as we could manage to get new legislation through Congress, which is controlled by Republican, so it should be no problem at all. We should have that legislation,” Mr Shalabh added.


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