Home Technology This transgender author kills JK Rowling in her novel, and creates controversy

This transgender author kills JK Rowling in her novel, and creates controversy


Because of her strong positions, particularly on issues related to the LGBT community, the writer JK Rowling has not only made allies. This is why today the creator of Harry Potter regularly receives death threats on social networks. More than that, she is the subject fictitious stories where we imagine his being put to death…

JK Rowling burned alive in this novel

On social networks, a transgender writer is currently at the heart of all the debates. Her name is Gretchen Felker-Martin, and she is accused, by some, of having staged the death of JK Rowling. In her unusual novel, the author imagines the creator of Harry Potter “burning alive” in a Scottish castle fire.

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In Manhunting, a post-apocalyptic novel, Gretchen Felker-Martin has designed a world where men no longer have a place and have been replaced by flesh-eating zombies. For their part, transgender women and men must defend their values ​​and therefore decide to to attack to TERFs (which translates into English as “transgender-exclusive radical feminist”), a term that has been used to describe JK Rowling in the past. In the story, this type of people is also called “JK Rowling’s Knights”.

A book that adds fuel to the fire

Gretchen Felker-Martin’s bias has been hailed by some readers. Indeed, many of them already consider this novel as a new “masterpiece of modern horror”. Others are, however, beyond perplexed. According to them, Manhunting is very clearly misogynistic and could have unfortunate consequences on the life of JK Rowling. That is why they even call for the book to be banned.

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In this context, it is important to remember that the writer has been the subject of numerous death threats online, on a recurring basis, since that she made comments deemed transphobic. Several activists have even decided to take a dislike to her, and sometimes meet in front of her house, in protest.

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