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The UN struggles to mobilize to finance humanitarian aid in Afghanistan


While all eyes are on the conflict in Ukraine, the UN is trying to mobilize the international community in the face of the dramatic humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. The United Nations announced on Thursday March 31 that it had raised 2.44 billion dollars (2.2 billion euros) to finance humanitarian aid in the country. A figure well below the expected funds for “ending the death spiral” in this country in the throes of a dramatic humanitarian crisis.

The UN hoped to raise 4.4 billion dollars (3.9 billion euros) during a virtual event co-organized with the United Kingdom, Germany and Qatar. This would have tripled the amount requested in 2021.

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“One million children suffering from severe malnutrition”

In the opening speech of the conference, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for a ” immediate action (…) Facing a Hunger and Malnutrition Crisis in Afghanistan ». The UN estimates the number of children at one million. on the verge of death » because suffering from severe malnutrition “. Some “are already selling their children and their body parts to feed their families”added Antonio Guterres.

DEBATES. Afghanistan: “The concentration of funding sources poses a risk of politicization of the humanitarian act”

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The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, after the hasty withdrawal of US-led foreign forces. The country’s humanitarian crisis has rapidly worsened since the summer of 2022. The country’s economy has collapsed and more than 24 million people need humanitarian assistance to survive.

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