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the rise in prices in supermarkets is accelerating


The purchasing power of the French, first of their concerns, is diminishing in supermarkets. According to figures published by INSEE this Friday, May 13, the prices of consumer goods in supermarkets increased by 1.3% over one month in April. Over one month, prices had increased by 0.7% in March and by 0.5% in February.

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The increase in prices in extended retail, that is to say which includes convenience stores and local shops, also stands at 1.3%. “All forms of sales combined, the prices of consumer goods increased by 1.1% over one month, after +0.8% in March”specifies the INSEE.

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General increase in food prices

Year-over-year prices are also rising for the fifth month in a row, with retail FMCG inflation hitting 2.9% in April 2022 compared to the same month last year. This increase had reached 1.6% over one year in March.

The rise in prices of products sold in supermarkets is thus keeping pace with general inflation, which has been rising steadily for several months. It reached 4.8% over one year in April, including +3.8% for food prices.

The price index given by the statistical institute also shows an increase in food products (excluding fresh products) of 1.3% over one month in April (+ 3.2% over one year). In detail, meat prices increased by 1.5% between March and April, and by 2.3% over one year. Hygiene, maintenance and beauty products are also up by 1.2 over one month (1.7% over one year).

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