Home Business The Postal Bank wishes to increase its social and environmental commitment

The Postal Bank wishes to increase its social and environmental commitment


The Postal Bank announced on Tuesday March 1 that it was becoming a bank “on mission”. Provided for by the Pacte law of 2019, this system allows a company to declare its purpose through several objectives, in particular social and environmental.

“Logical Translation”

This new mode of governance “is an important step” for the company, greeted the chairman of the executive board, Philippe Heim, on the sidelines of the publication of the bank’s annual results, marked by an increase in activity in 2021. It is also “the logical translation of what La Banque Postale is”, he added, referring to the development and future promotion of products and services that meet these challenges. Already last June, the bank acquired a ” purpose “ centered on the concept of “just transition”.

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A mission committee responsible for monitoring the smooth running of the actions implemented by the company will therefore be set up. Composed of 17 members, it will be presented by Natacha Valla, economist and dean of the School of Management and Innovation at Sciences Po Paris.

Being in phase “with the challenges of our time”

“It is urgent to support the transformation of the banking model, and more broadly of the economy, towards new business models, more sustainable, more responsible and more in tune with the challenges of our time”explained the latter in a press release.

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The Postal Bank thus becomes the second banking player to adopt this quality of “mission bank “. Since October 2020, Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale has opted for this status “for territories, solidarity and the climate”

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