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The Lord of the Rings: this dark theory on the double personality of Gollum


With the next Amazon series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power which is fast approaching, many fans have decided to dive back into the world of JRR Tolkienthe opportunity to review the writer’s previous film adaptations with the sagas of Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. And if Tolkien’s imagination is known for its depth and breathtaking level of detail, fans continue to immerse themselves in and appropriate his work, seeking all possible and imaginable explanations.

the power of the one ring

The Lord of the Rings is full of amazing and spectacular magical elements and forces, capable of conquering and thriving in the world of Middle-earth. One of the most dangerous beings featured in Peter Jackson’s trilogy is undoubtedly Sauron, who will pose a real threat to the races of Middle-earth. But if the impact of this Dark Lord on the world is already known to all, it would seem that the latter left behind an even worse legacy.

A theory about The Lord of the Rings suggests then that the character of Gollum is not only the result of a split personality of the Hobbit, known formerly under the name of Sméagol. Instead, the theory holds that Gollum is actually the embodiment of the One Ring.and while he may have actually possessed Sméagol, he would have tried to insert that personality into other characters as well.

After seizing the One Ring, Sméagol underwent a drastic transformation, both physically and psychologically. Having been in his possession for centuries, the Ring kept the Hobbit alive in an emaciated form, but it also split his mind, giving rise to two distinct personalities: Sméagol and Gollum.

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While Gollum was able to bully Sméagol into obeying him, Sméagol attempted to argue against his alter ego, sometimes succeeding in silencing him. But at the end of the trilogy of Lord of the Rings, the Ring’s grasp can be seen to have completely devoured Gollum, thus causing him to betray the Hobbits and die on Mount Doom.

While the actions of Gollum and Sméagol ultimately resulted in victory for the protagonists, Sméagol committed unforgivable acts as Gollum. However, a fan by the name of HenceFourth on Reddit came up with a theory, suggesting then that the blame should instead lie with the One Ring.

gollum ≠ smeagol?

According to this theory, Gollum’s personality never originated within Sméagol, but was a personification of the One Ring’s inner motives and darkness., which could then be considered as the very spirit of the One Ring. Throughout the trilogy, he often mentions the Ring as being alive, in a supernatural sense, and that it would contain fragments of the Dark Lord. It is this aspect that corrupts people and drives them to desire the One Ring, turning them against themselves and their allies. But as other characters feel the temptation, only Sméagol develops an entirely distinct personality.

The theory then holds that during the centuries that Sméagol possessed the One Ring, the latter’s presence would have truly “poisoned Sméagol’s mind”. But instead of imbuing Sméagol with a fractured personality, the One Ring would have managed to spill a part of his being into the Hobbit.. By taking on the identity of Gollum, the spirit of the One Ring was able to command Sméagol, who became its host. After centuries spent under his sway, it is possible that Sauron’s influence has become part of Sméagol’s mind..

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Gollum’s personality would therefore never have been part of Sméagol, but would be the result of prolonged possession by Sauron through the One Ring. This could then give an explanation for the differences in the choice of words used by Sméagol and Gollum when describing the One Ring.

This could also explain why other characters exposed to the Ring speak like Gollum when caught in the throes of corruption, like Bilbo for example, who briefly becomes monstrous when he sees the One Ring in Rivendell. It could then be the remnants of the “Gollum” spirit that was transferred from the One Ring to Bilbo when it was in his possession. However, Gollum’s personality wouldn’t have had time to fully integrate with him, having not spent as much time with him as Sméagol.. This would also explain why Bilbo also refers to the One Ring as his “Precious”, a term used primarily by Gollum’s personality, and less so by Sméagol’s.

It’s an interesting theory that adds to the tragedy of Gollum as a character. Instead of his own inner darkness turning against him, Sméagol would have been shattered here by an external force.to truly turn into a monster after killing his cousin Déagol on the orders of the One Ring. This theory then gives a new dimension to Gollummaking it an almost supernatural presence, with the threat that anyone could become Gollum if exposed to the One Ring for too long.

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