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The Lord of the Rings: these 7 times when Aragorn proved that he is the best of kings


Central character of Lord of the Rings, Aragorn has long refused his destiny: to become the new king of Gondor. A very heavy task to bear, given the many failures of his ancestors. But he has clearly shown more than once that he is most worthy of it.

#1 he respects his ancestors

Before I’m back at the head of Gondor, Aragorn was a Dúnedain, under the name of Strider. A way for him to forget his name and the habits related to it. But when he returns to Rivendell and is confronted by the sword of his dishonored ancestor, the latter makes it a point of honor to safeguard the family relic. This is one of the first things the viewer learns about Aragorn: he takes the time to care for the relics of the past.

#2 he keeps his promises

After getting help from the Ghosts of the Army of the Dead to fight in Minas Tirith, Aragorn faces a moral dilemma that will define his ability to rule.. Knowing that there are many battles to be fought, he chooses to keep his word and let the army of the dead go for a peaceful rest. His ancestors broke an oath, he won’t make the same mistake again.

#3 aragorn refuses the ring

Aragorn knows who can do what, and who is best suited to do it.. After Boromir’s betrayal, Aragorn had the option of stealing the Ring from Frodo but did not. He resisted his power and refused to bear this burden. A significant event, considering the fact that his ancestor Isildur succumbed. He knew that, like his ancestor, the ring would eventually corrupt him. and refused to be another of his pawns.

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#4 he has the courage to face the nazgûl

Aragorn is brave, like any High-Fantasy hero. He is even the incarnation of the Loyal-Good, not hesitating to hold in respect all the Nazgûls who threaten to attack Frodo and his companions. It’s the first time the viewer sees him fight, and he proves to be brave and strong, where he could have retreated by covering that of his allies.

#5 he believes in his loved ones

His greatest strength, however, is not physical, but is to believe in your friends. Aragorn has an unshakeable trust in Frodo, Gimli, Legolas or Gandalf, and even in Boromir when the latter fell. It is this confidence that will enable him to oppose Sauron even against certain death, and to outnumber the troops of evil outside the Black Gate, giving Frodo time to throw down the ring.

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#6 he kneels before the hobbits

Aragorn knows how to recognize the value of those who accompany him. During his coronation, he made a large place for the hobbits, without whom nothing would have been possible, and will even go so far as to kneel before them. How many hobbits can boast of having had a king equal to them? Four to be exact. He knows how to pay tribute to those who really deserve it and this quality is mandatory to make a good king.

#7 he is old

This last point is also the most interesting, given thatthere is no electoral system in Gondor (for the moment), man’s amazing longevity is also a strength. We know that the character is 87 years old in the films, and that he died at the age of 210. It promises over a century of peace and prosperity for Gondor without having to look for an heir or worry about any regencyas was the case in Game Of Thronesan example chosen at random.

If you are interested, know that April 17 is also Sean Bean’s birthday, Boromir interpreterand on this occasion, we present to you five of his films where he does not die at the end.

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