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The Knights of the Zodiac: the Pegasus Seiya collector figurine is sublime


The TV series The Knights of the Zodiac rocked a whole generation with the Dorothee Club. One of the main characters namely Seiya is one of the favorites among fans and we let you discover this superb collector figurine of Pegasus.

The Knights of the Zodiac: an essential cartoon

The cartoon The Knights of the Zodiac is an adaptation of the eponymous manga written by Masami Kurumada. He arrives thanks to AB Distribution within the program of Dorothee Club on TF1 in 1988.

As a reminder, we follow the adventures of the Bronze Knights whose mission is to protect the goddess with their lives. Athena reincarnated as the princess Saori Kido.

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One of the most popular knights in the anime series is Seiya, which is none other than Pegasus. Throughout the adventure, he will show immense courage to protect Saori. And the collector figurine represents him with his armor. It is an articulated model and you can give it the position you want and the set included: a mini statue of Athena, 4 facial expressions, interchangeable hands and totem.

This figurine Pegasus Seiya collectible figurine is available at a price of 120 euros. Here is another figurine from an excellent TV series on Netflix, it is aboutEren Jäger from The attack of the Titans.

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