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the group posts a plummeting profit


The scandal that shakes the world leader of Ehpad has repercussions on its accounts. Orpea announced Friday, May 13 financial results in freefall. Admittedly, over the whole of 2021, the group’s turnover increased by nearly 10% to reach 4.2 billion euros. But the profits are plummeting. They plunged to 65 million euros, down 60% from the 160 million garnered the previous year.

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This result can be explained in particular by an exceptional provision of 83 million euros made to deal with the “risks and charges” investigations launched against him since the publication at the end of January of the investigative book by journalist Victor Castanet The Gravediggers.

Agreement with banks

A report commissioned by the government pointed to serious dysfunctions in early April. And the group has been the subject of a judicial inquiry since the end of April, opened in Nanterre, on suspicion of institutional mistreatment or financial offences.

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To cope with turbulence and uncertainties awaiting it, Orpea also announces that it has signed an agreement with its banks to guarantee the financing of the group.

In an attempt to restore its image a little and reassure families, the group is organizing an open house operation from this Friday. “The time has come to build the new Orpea, in transparency”assures the CEO.

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