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the conflict seen from abroad


► Seen from Germany

While the German army is accused of not being able to support its allies effectively in the face of the invasion of Ukraine, for lack of resources, parliamentarians are calling for a rapid restructuring of the Bundeswehr.

Faced with the invasion of Ukraine, the powerless German army

► Seen from China

The People’s Republic of China navigates between its ally Vladimir Putin, whom it refuses to condemn, and Ukraine, which has called on it to become a peace mediator in the conflict.

China trapped between its Russian ally and its Ukrainian partner

► Seen from the United Arab Emirates

The small state of the United Arab Emirates displays a neutrality that is more a matter of non-alignment vis-à-vis its Western allies than of support for Russia.

Ukraine: the strategic ambivalence of the Emirates vis-à-vis Russia

► Seen from Spain

After several days of hesitation and political divisions, the socialist president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, decided to send arms directly to Ukraine.

Sending arms to Ukraine, the Spanish government changes course

► Seen from Hungary

Viktor Orban, who is playing his re-election on April 3, is trying to make people forget his special relationship with Vladimir Putin by advocating peace and hospitality.

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Hungary: will the war in Ukraine complicate the re-election of Viktor Orban?

► Seen from Ireland

Can Ireland still invoke its neutrality in the Ukrainian conflict when its European partners are on the front line?

Faced with the conflict in Ukraine, Ireland questions its “historical” neutrality

► Seen from Israel

Pulled by public opinion and Washington towards the Western position, the Jewish state struggles to condemn Russia directly.

Israel torn by war in Ukraine

► Seen from Italy

The peninsula, home to the largest Ukrainian community in the EU, expects the arrival of at least 800,000 refugees.

War in Ukraine: united, Italy is preparing for a massive influx of refugees

► Seen from Moldova

This border country with Ukraine has welcomed more than 100,000 refugees fleeing the Russian advance, which could ultimately threaten Moldova.

In Moldova, the Russian threat is still there

► Seen from Poland

While it is now forbidden, except by official derogation, to fight in a foreign formation, the Polish deputies are preparing to discuss a bill which lifts this constraint.

In Poland, the desire to fight in Ukraine constrained by law

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► Seen from Romania

At the border with Ukraine, hundreds of refugees cross the border post on foot or by car. Many are in transit to Western Europe. Others seek refuge in the country.

Romanians welcome Ukrainians flocking to border

► Seen from the UK

While the European Union has opened its doors without restrictions to refugees from Ukraine, Boris Johnson has warned that London does not intend to follow this strategy.

UK refuses to let Ukrainian refugees enter ‘without checks or controls’

► Seen from Taiwan

More than any other country, Taiwan identifies directly with the Ukrainian drama, while the island is also threatened by a Chinese military invasion.

Taiwan more than ever in solidarity with Ukraine

► Seen from Turkey

In recent years, Ankara has moved closer to Moscow in several areas. But the country is also a member of NATO, which has placed it in a delicate situation since the start of the Ukrainian conflict.

War in Ukraine: Turkey on a crest line

► Seen from the Vatican

Vatican diplomacy offered its mediation services between Ukraine and Russia.

War in Ukraine, what the Vatican wants to do

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