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The Bridgerton Chronicle: the Netflix series has an unexpected effect on Tinder


Released on March 25 on Netflix, the series The Bridgerton Chroniclestill enjoys so much success. The enthusiasm of the spectators for this fiction produced by Shonda Rhimes is such that it would even have influenced the way singles date each other on Tinder.

Tinder: how The Bridgerton Chronicle increases your chances of seducing

19th century flirting could well be the new infallible technique for matching on Tinder. In any case, this is what the dating application suggests, which notes a startling increase in expressions seen in The Bridgerton Chronicle within the biographies of its users. The series produced by Shonda Rhimes is among the top 10 most-watched programs by subscribers to the platform, and it seems they don’t just like it for gossip about the various love stories of the Bridgerton family.

Expressions from the past are popular on Tinder

As the dating giant reveals, some expressions of The Bridgerton Chronicle are now part of everyday vocabulary singles looking for new encounters. No more clumsy phrases such as “Your father is a thief, he stole all the stars from the sky to put them in your eyes”or “You dropped something…sweetheart”now users opt for much more distinguished romantic flights. Tinder notes an increase in the expression “To court”used 81% more times than two years ago. Other Victorian terms are also popular in Tinder descriptions: we notice in particular that the words “Duchess” and “Pretender” are much more popular with singles than in February 2020. As for the verb “Courting”which, let’s face it, is classier than “Pecho”, he enjoys a 12% increase on Tinder.

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the little guide to seduce on tinder way The Bridgerton Chronicle

If you are still out of inspiration or that you haven’t seen The Bridgerton Chronicle, Tinder thought of you. The dating app has established a short guide to “Lady Tindertown”, freely inspired by the character of Lady Whistledown aka the gossip of the series. Thus, you will no longer address the coveted being by saying to him: “I know you stalked me on social media”corn : “Do I honestly believe you don’t know my name?”. “Don’t leave me hanging” bECOMES : “The most perfect thing to do now is not to dance, but to leave them hungry”. Another little tip that does not eat bread: forget the sentence: “How can a girl as beautiful as you still be single?” in favor of the expression: “I assume your affection is already engaged.” With all this information for 19th century flirtyou can only explode the scores on Tinder!

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