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The Boys: this ghost will give Homelander cold sweats in season 3


Season 3 of The Boys is highly anticipated by fans, and today we just learned that Homelander knows well the ghost that will haunt the future season to come. We take stock of the subject.

Season 3 of the boys

Series The Boys has already promised a curious collection of newcomers for its upcoming third season on Amazon Prime. We listed them for you in a previous article, with their equivalents at DC and Marvel. Today, however, we ask ourselves a new question about newcomers. Indeed, it may well be that season 3 of The Boys integrates… A ghost.

In The Boys: Diabolicalwhich is described as an animated short film where angry superheroes kill their parents”, teenagers with lesser powers than superheroes are placed in a nursing home. A young girl called “Ghost”, whose body allows her to walk through walls and soar effortlessly through the air, joined the others. Ghost also can’t be touched, eat, or hold physical objects (aside from chairs and the floor, apparently). And if Ghost is just an animated creation for now, The Boys: Diabolical hints a possible live-action appearance in season 3 of The Boys.

A fairly obvious teaser

Within The Boys: DiabolicalHomelander unfolds his powers (we won’t tell you the reason why so as not to spoil it for those interested in watching the production in the future), and his laser ends up going straight through Ghost’s translucent body, leaving her completely unscathed. The episode then ends with Homelander, on one side, flying away, and Ghost, on the other, vowing revenge on his cruel mother. However, it remains to be seen when the latter will return to satisfy her revenge.

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We know that season 2 of The Boys: Diabolical is in preparation, but Simon Racioppa (showrunner) confirms that it will be a very different anthology from season 1, which seems to exclude Ghost from the storyline. And yet, The Boys: Diabolical makes a point of presenting Ghost’s resolution for the future. We therefore deduce that the character could make its debut in season 3 of The Boys.

To further add to the mystery, Eric Kripke (the showrunner of the series The Boys) has, for its part, evoked a surprising connection between “an animated short where angry Supes kill their parents” and season 3 of The Boys. Although he did not want to confirm the precise nature of this link, Ghost is the most logical assumption, given that nearly every other character is dead by the time the end credits roll. Its addition to season 3 of The Boys might be interesting, since Ghost has already proven to be completely immune to Homelander. He can’t physically hit her, touch her with his laser, knock her off a roof, or drown her in milk.

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Ghost, therefore, could be the very first Super in history of The Boys that Homelander can’t physically kill, and that alone opens up some very interesting narrative avenues. If Billy Butcher could put Ghost on his sidethe powers of the Super could allow him to get revenge, finally, on the very controversial leader of the Seven. And if you want to know why the Fishman will be worse than ever in season 3 of the seriesyou can read our previous article on the subject.

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