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The Batman: Colin Farrell transforms into the Penguin in this impressive video


Work asactor obviously needs to know play a rolebut also requires a lot of patienceas indicated Colin Farrelwhich plays the role of Penguin in the film The Batman. A recent filming video watch how long the actor had to wait to be able to shoot his scenes.

The Batman : appearance is important

The film The Batman acts as a small nugget within the recent projects of thedc comics universe. The film seems to prove thatafter the success of Joker, DC seems to be moving further and further away from its extended universe since the mixed box office and/or critical failures that have been Wonder Woman 1984, The Suicide Squad and Justice League. It will be necessary to wait for the next releases which are Black Adam, Shazam! : Fury of the Gods, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and finally The Flash for find out if the DCEU still has a future in cinemas. But the recent information concerning the actor Ezra Miller, actor of the Flash hero for second-degree assault and disturbance of public order is likely to tarnish the production or at least the reputation of the next film. We talked about it in more detail in an article here.

But that is not our subject of the day, sincea recent video shows us the impressive work it took for the make-up teams to transform actor Colin Farrell into the Penguin. To do this, the actor had to spend more than two hours a day sitting on a chair to have his face modified by the team in charge of make-up. Impressive work by makeup artist and prosthetist Michael “Mike” Marino, responsible for all this part on the set of the film. In the video (accelerated of course) we can see a short time lapse of Colin Farrell’s metamorphosis into Penguin as well as explanations concerning the work produced on the actor, with before/after photos and a bonus scene where the latter has fun with his new costume. We let you enjoy the full video here:

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Colin Farrell’s transformation into Penguin for #TheBatman pic.twitter.com/dPDZxVqVjz

April 21, 2022

The Batman : two hours of make-up per day

The importance of make-up in films should not be overlooked, especially at a time when digital and special effects have become kings. This offers more realism to the character and can also cost a lot less by making post-production work easier. Our colleagues fromAllocinated have already had the opportunity to interview Mike Marino a few weeks ago in order to have more information on his vision of the costume. Here is what he says about it:

I wanted to bring my personal touch based on my vision and my knowledge of the comics, the character, his face and his life. He’s a gangster, so my concept sculpture was done on the face of Colin Farrell with open eyes and slightly open mouth. I transformed this clay sculpture, added a bow tie, a monocle, sculpted his hair like he was going to be bald, added smallpox marks to his cheeks and a dirty scar across his face. He also has false teeth on the side of his scar as if a fight damaged them as a result of it. It was interesting not to put all these things because they are cool, it was also necessary to tell a story through the make-up. He has a golden tooth because he’s a gangster who wants to show off, he doesn’t hide it. He affirms and shows that he is a gangster, a pimp, that he has money and that he likes it.

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Later in the interview, Michael Marino will also explain that with his team (Izzi Galindo, Sasha Camacho Van-Dyke) they rather followed the advice of Matt Reeves for the makeup rather than following the indications of the comics. The director wanted a Penguin closer to Bob Hoskins (Mr Fly in HookMario in Super Mario Bros. or Mussolini in The Fall of Mussolini) and John Cazale (Fredo Corleone in The Godfather). If you ever want to know more about Matt Reeves inspirations while designing The Batman movie, we can help you in this article here.

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