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The Batman 2: these clues and revelations published on the fake Riddler site


Released on March 2, 2022 in cinemas, The Batman has already attracted 1,165,588 spectators in France. The website Rataalada.comallowing the superhero to chat with TheRiddler within the film, exists in real life. He could tell us many clues on the sequel to Matt Reeves’ blockbuster as the next villain the Dark Knight faces.

the identity of the villain of the batman 2 revealed on the fake site of the man-riddle?

The Batman has been released in cinemas since March 2, 2022 and is already establishing itself as the best start of 2022. It must be said that in addition to being a highly anticipated feature film, the release of the film is accompanied by a major marketing project. If you still haven’t seen Matt Reeves’ blockbuster, watch out for the spoilers that follow. Within the scenario, the Dark Knight embodied by Robert Pattinson on the screen communicates with his enemy The Riddler via the platform rataalada.com. This website is accessible in our reality and challenges internet users to solve many puzzles worthy of the mystery man. Recently, the platform was updated and informed budding investigators that all puzzles had been solved:

“You’ve come this far. Now let’s see if you’re ready to learn more. While you unmask what’s yet to be revealed, I’m safe here. With my new friend. We’ll see you soon” .

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This information is accompanied by a zip file that fans of The Batman are free to download or not. The attachments represent the various clues collected by The Riddler in order to shed light on the corruption on the streets of Gotham. If you’re the type to see details that others don’t usually see, we recommend that you consult these various documents. What interests us above all is to decipher the message of the Dark Knight’s enemy. With the sentence “With My New Friend”Does The Riddler Tease The Arrival Of The Next Antagonist Of The Batman 2 ? This comment may refer to one of the last scenes of the filmin which The Riddler meets the Joker in Arkham Asylum.

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Big revelations to come rataalada.com?

For other users, the site rataalada.com. could soon announce the identity of the main villain of the sequel. The theories are going well: if some think that The Court of Owls will make its entry into the scenario (a formidable team that Robert Pattinson would like to face), others are betting instead on Thomas “Hush” Elliot, this doctor and childhood friend by Bruce Wayne, also known as Silence. For now, the sequel to The Batman has not been made official, but stay tuned to The Riddler’s website, because new updates are made regularly !

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