Syrian Doctors Who Are Working in Canada Facing Many Years of Re-Training


Syrian Doctors who want’s to work in Canada Facing Many Years of Training it has been a year Since Canada Government Started Getting an Prediction of Syrian Refugees and more than 2,000 are Settling in Calgary, Christian Vitale and His wife has so many years of Experience Treating Patients in Syria.

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But Finding work as a Physician in Alberta could take years and thousands of Dollars the story of foreign trained doctors are getting licensed in Alberta and the Lengthy Process that they are facing but the arrival of more than 4,000 Syrian refugees and issues back to life.

His Wife is a Gynecologist and his son Nicolas is a medical Student was at a bus stop Minutes before a bomb attack and killed 200 People in Lattakia in July 2015.

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The Family Fled to lebanon where they rented a small Apartment in Tripoli for Four Months before in Calgary in February.

The Lead Physician at the Mosaic Refugee Health Clinic in Northeast Calgary would like to See a more Steam-lined process for Foreign-Trained Doctors.

The First Step is o improve English Language Skills – as something he’s doing at Bow Valley College Vitale was Sponsored by the First Alliance but supporting himself in a few Months, we cannot find the cost of living here in Canada Calgary is an expensive city to live in and i have to get a job as soon as possible
Its not just training one or two months but it’s taking too many years to complete said by Annalee Coakley.

According to the College pf physician and Surgeons of Albertha (CPSA) the same rules that apply to everyone and albertha is already is one of the most accommodation Provincial regulations in the Country of Canada.

A Minimum residency of two tears is required to be a family Doctors in Canada and a minimum of 4 years for Psychiatrists and Specialists and Vitale says he’s grateful to Canada for taking in Refugee from Syria But they want to Contribute and give them black. He says i would be good for Canada and Good For his Family.

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So ,we are going to turn somebody loose on the public and give them an Independent Practice license unless they can prove to the US Government and they can Meet Acceptable Criteria, and almost a third of 32 Percent of Alberta Doctors are already have Degrees from another Country including some of the Several From the Middle East.


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