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Did you know about integration strategies, these mechanisms aimed at organizing the reception and arrival of a newly recruited employee in a company? This concept now has its equivalent for the purposes of a contract: the support of an employee about to leave his employer, in the direction of another professional adventure.

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“In the current context of tight recruitment, companies are looking to improve their image. They are becoming aware that this support has a huge impact on their employer brand, since it is a question of transforming outgoing employees into ambassadors for the company”, explains Jenny Gaultier, general manager of Mercato de l’emploi, a network of recruitment consultants. The stakes are all the greater now that more and more employees are returning to work in one of their former companies.

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These support strategies also have an impact on the internal functioning of the company. “They send a positive message to other employees by showing them that the company cares about them. They also make it possible to ensure the proper handover of assignments and the transmission of knowledge to avoid disruptions in performance »explains Jenny Gaultier.

Still marginal

Concretely, the implementation of such a strategy results in a whole series of small actions: establishing a handover period between the outgoing person and his successor, making an official inventory with the manager, or even, more classically, organize a friendly moment with the rest of the team to officially mark the end of the contract…

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“The requests are very diverse and you have to adapt to each case, says Lysiane Boudenne, HR and recruitment consultant. Recently, I had to accompany an SME for a difficult departure – an employee at the end of her career who was not leaving by choice. With her, I insisted on two axes: providing precise information on professional retraining schemes and carrying out a detailed skills assessment. »

Although they are attracting more and more companies, support strategies are still far from being generalised. According to a note published in June 2021 by the specialist firm Hays, only 8% of employees say that their company plans a “specific support for employees who have decided to leave”.

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