Steve Davies Scoring 7 Runs off 1 Ball in Natwest T20 Blast 2017


In cricket, a maximum of 6 runs can be found on a legal ball. Yes, if the ball is a no ball, then you can make more runs than that. But have you ever heard that more than 6 runs have been made on a ball that is neither wide nor no ball? No, but it has happened and it has happened in England’s domestic T-20 match.


In this match, England’s Somerset batsman Steve Davis scored 7 runs for a ball. The match between Kent and Somerset was being played. In this match, Davis played the Shot towards covers and ran three runs, but Kent’s wicket keeper Sam Billings threw the throw towards the bowler to run the batsman out and any fielder could not catch that ball and ball crossed the ball boundary. In this way, three and the four runs of the boundary, i.e. the total of seven runs were added to the batsman’s account. He was batting on 14* and after this delivery, he reaches 21 runs*. But this is not the first time such incident is happening in cricket. Once Australian Batsman Michael Clarke also tasted this situation.


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