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Start of deadly Ramadan in the West Bank


As the month of Ramadan has just begun, the level of violence is not decreasing in Israel and the Palestinian territories. After the wave of attacks that hit the Jewish State at the end of March, the Israeli forces continue to use strong force: on Saturday April 1, they killed three members of the Palestinian movement Islamic Jihad during a operation in the West Bank. Four Israeli soldiers were also injured.

A terrorist cell “on the way to an attack”

Members of a special Israeli anti-terrorist unit operating in the area “received information about a terrorist cell on their way to an attack and tried to stop the car” in which the three Palestinians were located between Jenin and Tulkarem, Israeli police said in a statement. The activists then opened fire and the soldiers returned fire. The three Palestinians were killed and four soldiers were injured, according to the same source.

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The armed movement Islamic Jihad, based in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza under Israeli blockade, confirmed the death of its three fighters. “We mourn the death of our three heroes”said the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, adding that two of them came from Jenin and one from Tulkarem, in the West Bank, Palestinian territory occupied by the Israeli army since 1967. “The policy of assassination carried out by the enemy in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem will not provide him with the so-called security (…)”said the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in power in Gaza.

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Deadly violence in the West Bank and Israel

In recent days, deadly violence has erupted in the West Bank and Israel. On Friday March 31, a Palestinian was killed by Israeli forces in Hebron, in the southern West Bank, during a demonstration against Israeli colonization in the occupied Palestinian territories. The army spoke of a “riot” during which “a suspect fired a Molotov cocktail at soldiers, putting their lives in danger”. On the same day, the Palestinian Red Crescent said it had taken care of 70 Palestinians injured in clashes with the Israeli army in the Nablus area in the northern West Bank.

The day before, two Palestinians were killed during an Israeli army operation in Jenin (north). It was aimed, according to the army, at arresting “suspects” linked to an anti-Israeli attack carried out near Tel Aviv on Tuesday by a Palestinian and which left five people dead. The assailant was shot. Another Palestinian was also killed that day after stabbing a passenger in the West Bank.

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11 dead in anti-Israeli attacks

These operations were launched when, since March 22, 11 people have been killed in anti-Israeli attacks, some of them carried out by assailants linked to the jihadist group Islamic State (IS). The Israeli army has since deployed reinforcements in the West Bank and multiplied the arrests, in particular of family members of the Palestinian assailant in Tel Aviv. “We will continue to act by all possible means to stop the attacks. This is our mission”Israeli Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi said on Friday during a trip to the West Bank.

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Also from the West Bank where he met with military officials, Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Israeli forces would continue to “carry out arrests and defense and attack operations, and we will get our hands on those who seek to harm the citizens of Israel”. About 475,000 Israelis live in the West Bank in settlements deemed illegal under international law. More than 2.8 million Palestinians also live in this territory.

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