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Star Wars: Palpatine Could Have Healed His Scars But Didn’t for a Good Reason


In the universe of Star Warsthe technology is capable of performing many miracles, still happy, since their weapons are also more lethal between blasters and lightsabers. However, one of antagonists main, Palpatine remained ugly, very ugly. But why? We will explain to you why nothing has been left to chance.

Star Wars : Palpatine the political strategist

When we think big bad guys Star Warsthere are many names that come up. Darth Vader, Doku, Grievous, Darth Maul… But the most dangerous of all, the one around which all the films revolve is obviously Sheev Palpatine also known by the Sith alias of Darth Sidious. All the interpreters of the character, Marjorie Eaton, Ian McDiarmid the most famous and even the cinema doubles Michael Byrne, Sebastian Dickins and Bob Bowles made the character an old but very powerful antagonist, very quick-witted, intelligent and charismatic. In Star Wars: Revenge of the Sithit was revealed that Emperor Palpatine’s face was not only due to age but also battle scars against the Jedi. A question then arises: why did he not have these scars healed?

In the universe Star Wars, it is possible to replace missing limbs with functional prostheses and wounds heal in Bacta tanks, as explained by Boba Fett, in his eponymous series which could have been totally different. Yet Palpatine never sought biomedical solutions to solve his “skin problem”. On the contrary, the latter still arranged it a lot. When the Jedi tried to stop Palpatine, the Sith Lord did not hold back and Mace Windu proved to be a formidable opponent, disarming and trapping Palpatine against a wall. The Sith Lord tried to use his favorite technique – lightning bolts – but his spell rebounded on him and began to leave horrific scars. However, he chose to bear the painas it left him appearing more injured and helpless than ever for Anakin to come to his defense, and later, the Senate.

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Palpatine: The Cute Bunny Technique

Indeed, his plan worked like a charm. Anakin saw a Palpatinewho was his second mentor until now, all wrinkled and begging for his lifehe saw Windu as the villain of the storyand his sense of justice made him side with the Sith Lord. While it’s highly unlikely that Palpatine voluntarily entered the fight to get scarified, this hypothesis is not to be neglected, since it is the same strategy that he will use in his fight against Rey, in episode 9. After returning to the Senate, Palpatine had to convince everyone that the Jedi betrayed the Republic and were worth killing, and his disfigured new face was the perfect proof of that. He explains it himself:

The attempt on my life left me scarred and deformed. But I assure you that my determination has never been stronger!

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It not only portrayed the Jedi as traitors, but helped spark a huge dose of empathy for Palpatine. from the Senate, finally allowing him to trigger Order 66, and opening the doors to his status as Emperor. What’s great about Star Warsis that even a character as popular as Palpatine still has secrets and that new works come to fill the shadows of the past of the character. To continue your understanding of Palpatine, you can take an interest in our article dedicated to five secrets that were revealed in the book Star Wars: “Secrets of the Sith” which contains many notes written by the emperor himself.

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