Space Junk Map indicates the dangerously cluttered orbit

Astronauts have been working in the space exploration industry for many years with multiple attempts in space. However, the current space junk map is not that pleasing to the ear. It shows 26,000 objects that are hanging dangerously into space. These objects have an average size which equals that of a cell phone or a bit larger. These facts are from an aerospace engineer from the University of Texas. He alarms the planet about how dangerous space has become with the many junks cluttered into the Earth’s orbit in his report. There are multiple opinions on the matter.

Naturally, if you visit the coastal areas in many countries, you will notice one thing. The litterbugs, plastic floating in the water, and other garbage. From these sites, you can figure out that humans’ nature is a bit untidy, especially when dealing with public spaces. From the recent images, it is clear that we spread litter everywhere we go, even in space. And like normal humans, no one figures out a way to clean up the mess we create. Moriba Jah, an associate professor from the University of Texas, Austin, leads to talk about the matter.

These conclusions follow after his recent monitoring in the Earth’s orbit. He maps the human litter that is currently orbiting the Earth. He works with a team that uses the Multi-source, crowdsourced database to collect pictures all over the space. These statics ranges from the U.S Department of Defence to private satellites.

The Space Age started in 1957, October 4th, after the first launch of Sputnik 1. What followed have been over 5000 space ships which go into space leaving some of their parts and cargo. Later, astronauts added thousands of satellites. From his data, it is clear that the Earth’s orbit currently holds over 26,000 orbits with a big size that you can track. They range from the least size of a cell phone to that of a space station. In an interview with The Current, Jah spoke about the things in space and that only 3000 instruments are currently in use.

The rest of the things include nuts, bolts, gloves, and other things hanging in space. These things are from spacewalks, decommissioned satellites, rocket-ship parts, and the Tesla under Elon Musk 2018 launch. The European Space Agency also estimates about 166 million human-made objects that are cluttered in space, including things as small as one millimeter.

From the study, most of the garbage is in the low Earth orbit. Also, the garbage is moving at an abnormally high speed. And these facts pose the danger of space collision with other useful things. Jah talked about Susan Helms’s experience in space and its strange noises. Jah hopes that space entrepreneurs should work on ways to clean up space to prevent unimaginable disasters.