Elon Musk blasts Bezos’ Amazon regarding the Starlink satellite internet

In recent times, the two richest men globally, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, are dealing with federal regulators regarding the massive internet programs that their companies are founding. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, via his Twitter account, highlighted this upcoming project. His Company is currently working on persuading the Federal Communications Commission Officials to move some of the Starlink satellites. This move will help lower altitudes. However, this detail was not in the original plan.

One of the popular people who are against this move is Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos. His Company is against this move with allegations that this modification will interfere with other satellites. When answering these claims, Elon Musk expressed his thoughts where he explained that Starlink should not be suppressed by the Amazon Satellite system that will take years to bring to the operation.

SpaceX, in general, dismissed these claims because Amazon is trying to suppress competition. Amazon also went ahead to respond to these claims in a public statement to CNBC. An Amazon spokesman claiming to follow the facts explained that their Kuiper System design’s main goal was to avoid Starlink’s interference. However, SpaceX wants to make changes that do not follow the original plan, which may destroy their project.

Amazon’s spokesperson explained that the changes would make the environment more dangerous and likely cause a collision in space. Also, it will likely increase radio interference. The spokesman also accused SpaceX of hamstring competition among the satellite systems. And this move is not in the Public’s interest.

Starlink is one of the main projects that SpaceX is working on in this Space calendar. It is a plan that is working on building an interconnected internet network with over 12,000 satellites. The primary goal of the Starlink project is to deliver high-speed internet all over the planet. Currently, it holds over 1000 satellites in the Earth’s orbit. In October last year, SpaceX began a public beta program. The initial service costs $99 per month and an additional $499 to get a Starlink Kit.

Each Kit includes a Wi-Fi router and user terminal to connect to the satellites. Meanwhile, Amazon is also working on satellite internet, Project Kuiper. This project aims to release 3,236 internet satellites in the Earth’s orbit. Project Kuiper is a system that would compete with Starlink. Unlike SpaceX, Amazon is yet to start launching its satellites into the Earth’s orbit.

In July 2020, the FCC authorized Project Kuiper, where the Company plans on investing over $10 billion. There have been details about SpaceX’s intention to move their satellites to lower orbit in recent weeks. But Amazon opposes this move. The two giant technology companies hold different grounds on the matter, and time will tell the issue’s result.