SatADSL is creating a partnership between the Brazilian satellite connectivity market and Telespazio Brazil

The agreement between SatADSL and Telespazio will facilitate the accessibility of the connectivity market established to serve satellite operators by availing the services that they offer. Telespazio Brazil will be using the Cloud-service Delivery Platform (C-SDP) developed by SatADSL and the Yahsat3 satellite to provide connectivity services. ST Engineering technology will create 26 spot beams that smoothen the provision of connectivity for consumers.

This technology will enable SatADSL to meet a wide range of services for its customers across the network and open the Latin American market for service provision through Telespazio Brazil. The senior vice president of Business Development at SatADSL, Guillermo Bosch, expressed his joy over this deal’s approval. He added that the collaboration with Brazil would unveil a market of new customers who have not experienced the company’s services.

Since reliable network connectivity is the trending aspect that most consumers in the communication industry seek, SatADSL will enable consumers in the Latin American nations to link with service providers through this portfolio. The Cloud-service Delivery Platform (C-SDP) offers customer connectivity to a reliable network without incurring the hefty costs they incurred utilizing the satellite facilities. The contract between Telespazio Brazil and SatADSL will ensure that customers have broad access to the ever-changing and hypersonic IP.

This technology will keep those businesses relying on high-performance connectivity at their best service delivery, especially in this pandemic season when the movement has become hazardous. The developers used the pandemic period to learn how they can create this platform and ensure the employees working from home are not affected or lose their jobs because of connectivity problems.

The chief executive of Telespazio Brazil, Marzio Laurenti, stated that SatADSL had proved its efficiency and reliability as a portfolio offering satellite solution services in South America without overcharging the customers or themselves losing their profits. He added that this collaboration would ensure that SatADSL achieves its vision of offering global connectivity services through the Cloud-service Delivery Platform (C-SDP).

The company has made breakthroughs that the other satellite companies would surcharge their customers keeping in mind the operational costs they incurred in delivering connectivity. The customers will no longer worry about communicating with satellite operators to stay connected. The platform offers room for the customer to feedback the company in case of the services’ breakdown. Finally, Latin America will be saved the trouble of developing their technology to provide satellite connectivity by allowing these firms to sort the problem.