Traditions gave the crew heading for the lunar mission an opportunity to interact

The costumes gracing the floors leading to the crew members’ bedrooms one morning were evidence that one of them was celebrating a tradition. Apparently, a Slovakian, Michaela Musilova, the director of HI-SEAS, expressed her thanks to the crew according to the date they celebrate thanksgiving in their country. Michaela Musilova explained that it was always a surprise to her crew members when she would be celebrating her country’s traditions. The other crew members supported this to bring the vitality that comes with festivities. While the vice commander, James Ward, issued everyone a face mask with NASA logos, the chief science officer, Emily Seto, issued a Flipstick adhesive to create an atmosphere of festivities. 

Emily introduced the flipsticks to show everyone that the flipstick’s adhesive properties could be assigned to other electronics like phones by sticking them on surfaces. This move would enable the astronauts to continue with other operations like laboratory experiments and fieldwork. The other technology that the scientists are analyzing is the Lettuce Grow hydroponics system under the Sensoria M3 mission. Emily reached out to Lettuce Grow to widen the scope of foods from which the scientists and astronauts could select and evaluate its proficiency as a diet during the lunar mission. Moreover, the company’s products have displayed that they can grow properly under the LED lights maintaining the freshness and growth of the plants with the supplied temperature and humidity changes in the habitat. Additionally, the results of these plants may facilitate their selection as food in the upcoming space missions. 

The Lettuce Grow mini-greenhouse will be offering fresh food and at the same time serve as a Christmas tree habitat. The presents brought forward by the crew became their decorations for this lunar festive season coupled with a rubber chicken that made cocky noises. Musilova joked about using the squeaky chicken as a perfect alarm to wake the astronauts, and it was more efficient than an alarm clock. Additionally, she narrated that the chicken safeguards their ingredients to avoid wastage by the crew members considering that they have few ingredients for their meals. 

The team has been working consistently with morale, especially now that they are the only people roaming this part of the moon. The mission will be successful if the astronauts work as a team and not let their differences get the best of them. Musilova has always felt a tinge of happiness working with a crew for such a long time as they became familiar and related well with each other.