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Space: this space test turns into a fiasco and endangers the lives of the employees of a start-up


Rule number 1 when taking off: never stand next to the rocket. It may seem a bit silly to mention it, but some engineers continue to ignore this valuable advice. In a recent video that is making a buzz on the internet, we can see the employees of a start-up fleeing the surroundings of their rocket, after being remained a little too close to a machine during take-off. On social networks, this incident, which could have turned into a tragedy, allowed specialists to remind young companies of a few safety rules that would like to get into the space sector.

A take-off that turns into DISASTER

Since their debacle was published on the internet, the leaders of Pythom Space are mocked on all sides. How could a company, however inexperienced, have offered such a disastrous take-off for its rocket? That’s the question being asked by space engineering experts and Twitter users alike.

The story begins on Monday, April 11, 2022, when Eric Berger, editor-in-chief ofArs Technica, posts on his Twitter feed, an unflattering post tackling the young start-up.

Damn, Pythom Space has some work to do on their safety culture—this video is a masterclass in how not to do rocket science.https://t.co/2qGT3MInSr pic.twitter.com/3o4qH9l8CB

April 11, 2022

Pythom Space still has work to do when it comes to safety culture – this video is a masterclass in what not to do in rocket science.

Here is the video that was attached to the tweet:

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In this video, a small team can be seen operating a rocket during a test. However, as they walk away from the device, three engineers remain nearby. As the engine turns on, it is possible to see them take to their heels to hope to escape the cloud of noxious smoke ignition.

Competing with the behemoths is not so simple

If this video can make you smile, it is necessary to remember that this incident could have had terrible consequences. Indeed, many Internet users have noted big flaws in the security protocol of the business which could have cost him dearly.

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It is important to explain that Pythom Space is a young American company that builds rockets. According to the start-up’s website, the brand’s stated goal would be to participate in major space missions, while by reducing the cost of take-offs as much as possible by involving as few people as possible during takeoff.

Faced with the controversy, the founders of Pythom Space reacted quickly. In a blog post, they explain that their company has the key word “transparency”. They claim to show in their videos both their failures and their successes. According to them, other companies such as Virgin Galactic or Astra have also experienced disappointments, even leading to the death of some of their employees. They also take advantage of their post to remind that no other start-up, apart from China, is able to build rockets as fast as them and above all, that the space race should not be left in the hands of billionaires and other industry heavyweights.

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