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Silent Hill, Troy: five films to see and see again where Sean Bean does not die at the end


Sean Bean often died on screen (The Lord of the Rings, Game Of Thrones, etc). As the British actor celebrates his sixty-second birthday today, we have prepared a selection of films in which he does not die. A great way to pay homage to him!

#1 Silent Hill

The movie advantage silent Hill inspired by the eponymous video game, is that Sean Bean survives, although it was not yet won. The disadvantage is that his character is useless in the plot. The reason is very simple : the production forced Christophe Gans to add a male character in his film, which only had powerful female roles. As a result, Sean Bean is in the real world looking for his wife, completely cutting off immersion in the dark and oppressive world of silent Hill. However, Christophe Gans obliges, the film remains very good with excellent ideas for staging. But this brings up an interesting point: Sean Bean is a second knifethat is to say a secondary actor, there to highlight the main star. And he’s very good at it. He has a major role in very few movies, and the Lord of the Rings is no exception.

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#2 Alone on Mars

Another minor role in which appears Sean Bean. In Alone on Mars, the actor embodies Mitch Henderson, flight director of the Hermes spaceship and serves above all as an indicator for the crew in order to advance the plot, prompting them to return for Watney to bring him back to Earth. As for silent Hillthe film was a real success but it is unfortunately not thanks to Sean Bean, easily dismissed by other equally famous headlinerslike Matt Damon as lead actor and Jessica Chastain.

#3 troy

One of the best peplums ever shot saw the light of day in cinemas in 2004, with Sean Bean as Ulysses and Brad Pitt as Achilles. If you’re comfortable with Greek mythology, you know the story, despite the liberties taken by the director and production. Achilles dies and Odysseus and the Greeks cremate him with honors. We can imagine what it would have been like if the two main roles had been reversed…

#4 the wolf people


Possibly the most poetic film of the lot with a Sean Bean who not only survives but also risks his life ! It has an important role in The Wolf People, being the hunting father of a daughter who is too curious about these fantastic animals. But it is also the film whose plot we refuse to spoil, as it deserves to be discovered thanks to its beauty and its interpretation of ancient Celtic myths.

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#5 Jupiter rising

Although Jupiter Ascending is often criticized for its screenplay and some of its costumes, some people strongly believe that the film is irreproachable on at least one point: its technique and its ideas of direction. As usual, Sean Bean plays a small role there but it is at least interesting and represents a plot twist in the plot of the film. Maybe you can give another chance Jupiter Ascendingthe biggest cinematic flop of 2015, with its 179 million dollar budget for a net loss of 88 million dollarsbecoming the sixth highest-cost, lowest-grossing film in cinema history.

Did this interest you? You may want to continue reading with some other information regarding Sean Bean: he will soon star in the live-action adaptation of a cult manga. To learn more, click here.

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