Shubham Gouthaman fast Bowler from Tamil Nadu was killed by his teammates


Jealous can make anyone cruel if you read this story you will get to know about how people are becoming cruel a incident took place in Bangalore which is going viral on internet. A Young 21-year old cricketer Shubham Gouthaman fast Bowler from Tamil Nadu was killed by his teammates because of he is better player then both of them. Shubham Gouthaman was super fast bowler who can swing the ball  both sides his bowling can make any batsmen nightmare. He such kind of player who is going to select in all the tournaments But unfortunately the god taken him away from the world because of his cruel teammates who planned and killed him. Shubham Gouthaman is basically from Tamil Nadu and he was most promising fast bowler. Shubham Gouthaman was studying in Hubli town on the city outside of Karnataka.

Shubham Gouthaman passion to the cricket game prodded him to take part in the tournament in Bangalore. Shubham Gouthaman and his two friends teammates in one of them belongs to MLA son went for the tournament three of them went on private bus headed towards the Bangalore. Both his teammates knows that the Shubham Gouthaman is best player among them so they planned to kill him. According to the news that the both MLA Son and other one killed Shubham Gouthaman while he was having meal it means they poisoned in his meal. After sometime they took Shubham Gouthaman to the hospital in the Davangiri hospital and escaped for their which was assisted by the MLA. Before arriving of Shubham Gouthaman parents the MLA changed the post-Mort reports to save his son from the murder case. The both teammates left the Shubham Gouthaman dead body in the hospital to play the head tournament which both of them wish to play.

See her a jealous and cruelness resulted a death of young talented cricketer no media has been till date covered the news because a MLA. #Justiceforshubham has been going viral in social media and those who are read the story please forward the news which has reach higher authorities to take action on the MLA Son and other one. Please forward the article after reading.


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