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relief in Germany after the re-election of Emmanuel Macron


The “phew” displayed this Monday, April 25 on the front page of the daily Suddeutsche Zeitung summarizes the enormous relief aroused in Germany by the announcement of Emmanuel Macron’s re-election. The highest political figures congratulated the new president, starting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz who, in a very unusual move, had published a column last week in support of him. ” Congratulation “, does he have tweeted sunday nightrejoicing that French voters have “sent a sign of their strong commitment to Europe”. “Your re-election is good news for us Germans too,” for his part noted the president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

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France, a “ticking time bomb”

Seen from Germany, a victory for Marine Le Pen would have been a ” disaster “ for Europe. The frontist candidate had announced that she wanted to put an end to military cooperation between the two countries and would have, among other things, questioned the European policy to fight against climate change.

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But if this specter is now distant, the strong increase in the voices of the far right and the possibility of a victory for this movement in five years increase the pressure across the Rhine. “France in its current state looks like a ticking time bomb”, estimate the Stuttgarter Zeitung. “In his first term, Macron received little support from the federal government. This must change during his second term. A defeat of the democratic forces in France would have consequences for all of us,” writes this Stuttgart daily.

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Unlike the previous government of Angela Merkel, which did not respond to the EU reform proposals formulated by Emmanuel Macron in 2017, the new coalition in power since December in Berlin knows that it is under pressure. “Democracy and Europe got a new chance. This chance must be used.” states Franziska Brantner, State Secretary for the Economy, on Deutschlandfunk radio.

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“He comes back to us, with him (Emmanuel Macron, Editor’s note)to strengthen the EU and democracy and finally carry out the necessary reforms to make the EU more resilient and stronger”, believes this ecologist, “very confident” in the fact that certain issues such as those of strategic sovereignty and the fight against climate change “move seriously”. And to remember “the very pro-European line” of the new government at the helm across the Rhine.

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“A puzzle” on Russian oil and gas

For the weekly Der Spiegeltime is counted. “Macron and his junior partner Olaf Scholz have only two years to transform the EU into an association of states capable of defending its place and role in the world on its own”, writes the magazine, referring to a possible return of populists to the United States in two years. For Der SpiegelEmmanuel Macron is the “undisputed leader” of Europe because, “in the weeks following the Russian attack, the German Chancellor made it clear that he did not want to take on this role”.

If the “new” French president can therefore count on the support of Berlin, the points of friction in particular on finances and energy remain. “Very soon, Macron could ask for a pan-European embargo on Russian oil and gas, and put Germany before its responsibilities”, recall the newspaper Picture. “Re-elected Macron risks giving the German Chancellor a headache if he continues to reject a Putin gas embargo. » A ” brain teaser “ that “the anti-European Marine Le Pen would have spared him”, notes the tabloid.

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