Home Technology Red Alert: Pixar accuses the Disney studio of censorship and homophobia

Red Alert: Pixar accuses the Disney studio of censorship and homophobia


Disney Studios are accused of censor all content openly homosexuals in their animated films by Pixar employees.

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An open letter signed by “Pixar’s LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies”. It was the last option considered by Pixar employees. WhileRed alert makes its debut on Disney+, after Drunk and Lukethe latter accuse Disney, their parent company, of censor all openly gay content in their animated films. “At Pixar, we’ve seen great stories full of diverse characters come back from readings at Disney shattered”they reveal to variety before adding: “Nearly all moments of gay affection are cut by order of Disney, despite protests from the creative teams and executives at Pixar. Even though the creation of LGBTQIA+ content was a response to discriminatory legislation, we are prevented from creating it”.

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If the frankness with the ears of Mickey was already singled out for its lack of diversity and inclusion, this missive comes after the financial support of Bob Chapek, director of Disney studios, for a law aimed at banning LGBTQIA + people from schools in Florida. Title “Don’t Say Gay”it does not allow teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation in public primary schools.

disney donates 5 million to a Lgbt association, the donation refused

In defense, Bob Chapek would have assured to have financially supported policies “who have positioned themselves for and against this legislation”. He also affirmed his unequivocal support for LGBT employees before announcing a five million dollar donation to the LGBT advocacy group Human Rights Campaign. A generous donation that the association nevertheless refused, preferring to see Disney take publicly stand on the subject so that “dangerous proposals do not become dangerous laws”revealed the president of Human Rights Campaign in a press release.

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Remember that no Disney-Pixar animated film is cited in this open letter. However, Disney is moving timidly towards LGBT content, as with the release of Out, a Pixar short film featuring a homosexual character. Regarding Lukethe film crews have revealed that a lesbian couple who were to live under the same roof in Italy have been replaced by two sisters while Isabella ofEncanto has also obviously lost his commitment to the LGBT community along the way. Finally, the Pixar animated film Forwardwhich featured a lesbian Cyclops, was subject to censorship in several Middle Eastern countries as well as Russia.

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