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Real estate: 2021, year of all records


Even the most optimistic in the industry hadn’t foreseen it. ” Real estate broke all its records in 2021 », Underlines Laurent Vimont, the president of the Century 21 France network, who published, Monday, January 3, his traditional assessment of the past year. Nearly 1.2 million transactions were carried out in the old, never seen before.

Prices keep on soaring

The average price per m2 also reached a record of € 2,355 for houses (+ 7.4%) and € 3,878 / m2 for apartments (+ 5.3%). Certainly there are still a lot of disparities, ” but prices are increasing everywhere », Specifies the boss of Century 21. That makes six consecutive years of increase for the houses, five years for the apartments. As a result, the average amount of transactions is at an unprecedented level: € 267,500 for houses and € 227,900 for apartments.

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Many households are leaving city centers to buy larger ones on the outskirts. This is linked to the successive confinements, which have reinforced the need for space, and to the development of teleworking. “ The French have arbitrated. Today, they favor additional m2 over transport time “, Notes Laurent Vimont, who speaks” chlorophyll effect “.

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For the first time since 2014, the average price per m2 thus fell in Paris in 2021 (- 2.2% to € 10,367), while it climbed in Île-de-France (+ 12.1% on average for a house in Yvelines, + 8.3% in Val-d’Oise, for example). The second home market is also recovering, after a difficult decade linked to increased taxation. Last year, it represented 7% of national transactions.

A market supported by low interest rates

This good health of real estate is helping to make the stone, more than ever, a safe haven. The proportion of acquisitions intended for rental investment has never been so high: 30.2% of transactions in 2021 against 17.4% in 2014. In the capital, it is even almost one in three sales and more. 50 years old represent 31% of buyers.

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Conversely, for those who have few means, the situation becomes more complicated. Banks require a larger personal contribution and many households are forced to borrow over a longer period to make ends meet. According to Century 21, the average loan term has reached record highs: 21.1 years in 2021, compared to 21 years in 2020.

“The level reached by the prices begins to destabilize those who have the lowest incomes as well as the young people, who have no other choice but to reduce their surface area or to buy further away. », Warns Laurent Vimont. According to him, as long as rates remain at historically low levels, the market should remain buoyant, but the balance remains fragile.

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