Rahul Gandhi has detalied Info about PM Personal Corruption


Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday that he had information about ”Personal Corruption” charges against Prime Minster Narendra Modi because of which he was too terrified to let him speak in Parliament. This follows Mr Rahul Gandhi’s earlier remark that there would be an earthquake if he was allowed to speak in the house.

Though Mr Rahul Gandhi did not give any detail, the sensational charge had a battery of Union Ministers mocking the congress leader, calling him desperate and frustrated.

Rahul Gandhi has been criticising the PM over his shock demonetisation move last month, and the latest bombshell will further deteriorate the government-opposition relations.

”It is the biggest joke of the year I don’t think anyone takes his comments seriously. Congress itself is very scared when Rahul Gandhi speaks as the party has to defend his words. that’s the level of threat he poses to hs own party,” said by Union Minister Kiren Rijiju.

The government’s November 8 Currency replacement move led to a crippling cash crunch, hitting India’s largely cash-based economy and clouding growth prospects.

The scramble for cash also caused a string of deaths’ prompting an unrelenting Opposition attack on the government disrupting an almost entire parliament session

As soon as Lok Sabha Lok Sabha was adjourned for yet another day of acrimonious exchanges, Mr Rahul Gandhi in a rare press conference and the first ever with leaders of opposition parties said that the government was preventing him from speaking in the House as the PM was ”personally terrified of letting him open his mouth”.

”For the last one month, we have been trying to have a discussion. Pretty much unconditionally we are ready to have a discussion he said”, flanked by the leader of 16 parties.

The BJP hit back and referred to a reported sting operations purportedly showing leaders of some parties trying to exchange old notes for a commission and said that discussions should take place on both currency switch and illegal exchange.

BJP dismissed Rahul Gandhi remark as ”a damp squib” Parliamentary affairs minister Ananth Kumar said the Rahul family scion had become ‘desperate and totally frustrated and was thus raising such a hue and cry.

Union minister Kiren Rijiju ridiculed Rahul for stating that Pm Modi is ”terrified” of him being allowed to speak inside Lok sabha terming the remark as the ”Biggest Joke of the year.


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