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Prostate cancer: bacteria linked to the disease have been discovered for the first time


Yasmina Kattou
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06:16, April 23, 2022

Each year in France, an average of 50,000 men develop prostate cancer. According to a study of 600 men by British researchers, published in the journal European Urology Oncology, five species of bacteria are linked to the rapid progression of the disease. This is the very first study to reveal this potential link. If the latter is confirmed by future studies, thousands of lives could be saved.

Bacteria present in men suffering from prostate cancer have been discovered by English researchers. A major breakthrough in prostate cancer research. According to the study by British researchers, men who have these bacteria are 2.6 times more likely to see their cancer at an early stage, progressing to an advanced disease. The severity of a prostate tumor would therefore be correlated with the presence of certain bacteria.

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This is the very first time that such a link has been established. A huge step forward welcomes Jean Yves Blay, oncologist at the Léon Bérard center in Lyon: “The first is important because it is the one that points the finger, something may be happening on that side, go check all Obviously, that opens up a lot of perspectives.”

A discovery to be confirmed

Researchers don’t know at this time whether the bacteria cause prostate cancer or make it worse. If the cause and effect link is established, this could be revolutionary for treatments, explains the oncologist: “This opens up a whole field of prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment which has not yet been explored at all. since it’s brand new. An antibiotic treatment to eliminate the bacteria in question, if indeed it is enough to get rid of the bacteria, that could be interesting!”, rejoices the doctor.

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If the study is confirmed by the work of other scientists, tests could be developed to target the men most at risk and prevent the death of thousands of men each year.

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