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Pokémon Scarlet/Purple: after 25 years, Pokémon Centers adopt a new design


On February 27, Game Freak lifted the veil on its next project: the versions Scarlet and Purple of Pokemon. Just one year after the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceusthe Japanese studio therefore returns to the charge with two opuses from the main series of Pokémon. A formula that is evolving, as are its Pokémon centers according to attentive Internet users.

a similar design for 25 years

For the announcement of these two new versions, Game Freak has lined up a first trailer by revealing certain areas. Opus that should take place in a region probably based on Spain, according to these first visuals. Hacienda, Sagrada Familia, familiar tunes that remind us of our European neighbor. After England in Sword and Shield, so this next region would be based on Spain. But this trailer allowed the most attentive fans to discover something else. By carefully analyzing these images, Internet users have spotted a particular change, that of the Pokémon Center.

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Present in the saga since its beginnings in 1996, the Pokémon Center welcomes trainers from all walks of life to come and take care of their creatures, while managing their storage boxes. A classic building that has accompanied the saga for 25 years now. Only, it would seem that the traditional design is abandoned in favor of a design more in tune with the times. In an image from the trailer, the end of a Pokémon Center can be seen. But while the saga adopted year after year the usual design of a Pokémon Center, the versions Scarlet and Violet may go a little further into the story.

First versions of Pokémon to have a true open world, the versions Scarlet and Violet should also be the first to drastically change the design of Pokémon Centers. And for good reason, the end of the Pokémon Center visible in the trailer is reminiscent of a gas station, and more particularly those of the Spanish company CEPSA. A gas station as a Pokémon Center, an unusual choice, but nothing out of the ordinary so far.

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But the big change of these versions Scarlet and Purple should lie in the abandonment of the obligation to enter the building to heal your Pokémon there. An absence of loading time therefore, enough to satisfy the most eager players and above all correspond more to the new formula of the franchise. Pokémon will welcome the arrival of a first open world with open arms. Be careful though, nothing official for the moment. It will be necessary to wait to know more to know if, really, the Pokémon Centers will adopt this new innovative design.

On your side, would you be willing to discover such Pokémon Centers, namely centers in which it is no longer necessary to enter to heal your Pokémon? Do not hesitate to answer us via the survey below and the comments section.

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