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peak consumption less than feared, no cuts


Electricity consumption in France was a little lower than expected on Monday April 4 at the start of the morning, making it possible to avoid power cuts, announced the manager of the electricity network.

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“So far, we have enough production to meet the consumption (…) a little lower than expected », indicated Electricity transport network (RTE). National consumption peaked at 71,600 MW at 8:45 a.m. A level lower than the peak of 73,000 MW initially expected. It then fell a little further, to 71,232 MW, shortly after 9:30 a.m.

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Orange Ecowatt alert

RTE had activated the national Ecowatt signal “orange” (which can go as far as red) due to the drop in temperatures, which was expected to increase electricity consumption, and called on households and businesses to reduce their consumption on Monday morning.

In a tweet broadcast on Sunday, Carrefour had for example announced that its supermarkets would reduce their electricity consumption on Monday morning.

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The French electricity system is under tension this winter due to numerous shutdowns of nuclear reactors, for maintenance and verification of corrosion problems. Currently, 27 nuclear reactors are unavailable out of 56.

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