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Obi-Wan Kenobi: new images of the big bad and the Jedi in the Disney+ Star Wars series


On May 27, the series is due to be released Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+. An anticipated series that will accompany the return of one of the trilogy’s favorite characters Star Wars. The opportunity for fans to discover what the Jedi was able to accomplish between episodes III and IV, after dropping Luke on Tatooine. But until then, new never-before-seen images from the series allow us to lay our eyes on Kenobi and the show’s big bad.

New never-before-seen images

On several occasions already, and especially via a trailer, the series Obi-Wan Kenobi was able to reveal its superb. The universe of Star Wars is constantly expanding, both on screen and in video games, with no less than 7 titles in development. Over the past few months, the actors of the series have been able to share various information. Earlier in the month, the Grand Inquisitor actor teased some big surprises to come in the series Star Wars. This actor is Rupert Friend (Rochester, the last of the libertines, Pride and Prejudice).

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On several occasions already, his character, the Grand Inquisitor, has been seen in images from the series or its first trailer. A character that the spectators of star wars rebels know well since he officiated there as an antagonist throughout the first season. And on the occasion of the release of the next issue of the magazine Total Moviededicated for the occasion to the series Star Warsnew never-before-seen images have been shared. Although all the information present in the American magazine did not find its way to the Internet, the unpublished images of Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Grand Inquisitor, they are to be found just below.

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Note that the Grand Inquisitor is not the only threat that Obi-Wan will have to face. Darth Vader is also back, played by actor Hayden Christensen, who signs his big comeback here in the saga. Kenobi will also be spotted watching over young Luke’s adjustment to life as an orphan from a distance. Besides Tatooine, the Jedi will head to Daiyu, a planet featured in the third image found above. To discover all the secrets and details of this new series Star Warswe will still have to wait a few more weeks, until it is broadcast on Disney + from May 27.

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