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Netflix: this ultra-violent Asian film will be the subject of a remake by Michael Bay


An iconic action film will be entitled to a remake on Netflix. We can no longer count the number of remakes, but this one could stand out since it attacks a very popular film, in particular for its ultra-violent side which had seduced the spectators during its release. Today, Netflix plans to release its own version of the film, produced by one Michael Bay.

The Raid : an already emblematic saga

In 2011, Gareth Evans directed an action film that quickly became cult. Worn by the talented Iko Uwais, The Raid meets a resounding success with fans of action cinema. At the box office, the work brought in more than $ 9.1 million in revenue. Faced with this critical and popular success, Gareth Evans decides to embark on the production of a sequel. The Raid 2 saw the light of day in theaters in 2014 and once again met with absolutely astounding critical success. At the box office, the work counts more than $ 6.5 million in revenue.

Initially, Gareth Evans even had to come back behind the camera to direct The Raid 3. But the filmmaker preferred to leave the project in abeyance to focus on something else. A little tired of action movies, the director has indeed turned to horror cinema with The good apostle, then to the small screen with the series Gangs of London. While this project is therefore on standby, for a while, Joe Carnahan was to direct an American remake of The Raid. Unfortunately, the project never came to fruition, and Netflix bought back the exploitation rights for the film.

A remake on Netflix

It is in this context that Netflix intervenes to regain control. The action movie The Raid will indeed be the subject of a remake produced and distributed by the platform. This new release will see filmmaker Michael Bay in production, Accompanied by original director Gareth Evans. Behind the camera is Patrick hughes (Hitman & Bodyguard) Who was chosen to stage this American remake. The latter co-wrote the screenplay with James Beaufort.

The Netflix version will relocate the concept to Philadelphia, in the “Badlands” area. As a reminder, the first two films were shot in Indonesia and were strongly influenced by the local culture. The plot of this remake, for the moment rather evasive, will follow an undercover DEA group tasked with finding information to catch an elusive Cartel Godfather. The Netflix production team released a statement regarding this project:

We are incredibly excited about Patrick’s unique vision for this film. It’s a distinctly original take on the material, which promises to respect the original film while bringing a fresh take and perspective that will forge its own course in the action genre.

The project does not yet have a fixed release date.

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