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Millenium MM1 Mini Syndra: this powerful PC Gamer central unit benefits from a 340 euro reduction


If you are looking for a new gaming PC, this central unit will certainly attract his attention, as its quality/price ratio is interesting. And with a big bonus discount, it only remains more attractive.

Focus on the millenium mm1 syndra central unit

On this PC MM1 Minithe objective is to offer good value for money with a great capacity for evolution thanks to its 6-core processor accompanied by 16 GB of RAM andan NVidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card. With its two filters provided with camo finish, you can customize its appearance so that it fits perfectly into your gaming environment. the MM1 Mini (with a size of 37.8 x 38.7 x 23 cm and a weight of 9 kg) will perfectly meet the needs of players looking for an accessible machine while allowing them to play in the best conditions. However, if you are hesitant and wish to invest in good gaming laptop, we also have a good plan right now to offer you. However, let’s get back to our topic with this beautiful (and small) Millenium MM1 Mini Syndra.

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Featuring a 10th Gen Intel Core™ i5 processora 16 GB RAM, an NVidia GF RTX 3060Ti series graphics card (with 8 GB of dedicated GDDR6 video memory which ensures stable performance in all circumstances, even on the most demanding games or for other intense uses such as video editing, or 3D animation) and his 6 hearts to optimize its internal functioning and make the display more fluid, this central unit definitely has everything to please.

For an immersive experience, know that you can benefit from the latest graphic innovations such as AI-accelerated DLSS and RayTracing. Moreover, with its associated 1 TB hard drive to a 480 GB SSDyou can store your entire multimedia universe without disk space constraints while benefiting from ultra-fast access speed and reduced loading times. A very interesting product for those who want a high-performance tower, and the latter currently benefits from a very nice reduction on Darty, going from 1799.99 euros to 1459.99 euros, i.e. a reduction of 340 euros.

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Why fall for the millenium mm1 syndra central unit?

  • Immersive experience
  • Reduced loading times
  • Customizable appearance with two filters

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