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Marvel: this Avenger annoys Captain America even more than Iron Man


During the previous phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe (mcu), fans could see that Captain America and Iron Man, although members of the same team, could have totally different ideas, even coming into conflict with each other. oppositionas evidenced by the events that occur in the film Captain America: Civil War (2016). However, there are other people in the team Super hero with who Captain America came into conflict in the past.

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Captain America is known for living his life by a pretty inflexible code of conduct., and those who don’t share the same ideals as him aren’t necessarily his enemies, but they are definitely people he wishes he could change. So, when he comes face to face with someone who is just as stubborn as him, there are bound to be tensions, and this member of the Avengers is one of the characters who is most likely to come into conflict with Captain America.

In the comics Captain America and Hawkeye #629, released in April 2012 and directed by Cullen Bunn and Alessandro Vitti, we find Clint Barton and Steve Rogers fighting against a group of armed soldiers. Initially, they have no idea who these people are, only that they seemed dangerous and therefore a full-scale attack was “a logical response”. As the two men handle the situation without too much effort, the real fight actually seems to be taking place between the Avengers themselves.

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The comic begins with Captain America looking annoyed with Hawkeye., the latter having fired the first arrow against the alleged aggressors and thus initiated hostilities. When Barton asks Rogers who these people are they are fighting, Captain America replies: “I’m not sure, Hawkeye. You started shooting before I could ask them!”.

Blaming Hawkeye for impulsiveness, Captain America was forced into battle, facing people he didn’t know., which makes him very uncomfortable as it goes against his code, only wanting to fight those who want to do harm. But since he did not have time to investigate the situation, he did not know for sure what the intentions of these soldiers were.

the difference with stark

And this isn’t the first time a comic has depicted a contentious situation between the two characters, but this moment in Captain America and Hawkeye #629 is important because Rogers was able to say everything he disliked about Hawkeye. He then criticizes the latter’s lack of seriousness and his casual nature, giving the impression that he “acted as if he were in a video game”. Stung, Hawkeye defends himself by telling Cap that his way of operating has worked very well so far, and that he is not Bucky and therefore should not be treated like a common sidekick. The situation between the two characters then seemed on the verge of degeneratingbut was fortunately interrupted by the sudden arrival of another character.

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When Captain America and Iron Man are at odds, their conflicts are much bigger than mere skirmishes, Civil War being the most extreme example. However, Tony Stark’s leadership, intelligence, and proven heroism earned him the respect of Captain America.. In contrast, Hawkeye doesn’t seem to be held in as high regard as Iron Man in Rogers’ eyes, a problem the latter wishes he could solve but seems to have given up on.

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