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Marvel: 10 Mutants Who Have Had Their Powers Changed Over Time


At some point in their life, usually at puberty or after a traumatic event, the mutants of the Marvel universe see their powers changed completely. Some then unlock new skills, while others see the ones they already possessed being strengthened. This process is called the secondary mutation. It is more common than you might think in the X-Men, although some prefer to opt for other methods to gain superpowers. Discover in this article a list of 10 mutants who have developed impressive new powers.


As its name suggests, Magneto has the power to manipulate magnetic fields. He can therefore use a wide range of skills. Among other things, he is able to control metal, create impenetrable force fields, manipulate blood iron, and even fly. For many fans, he is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe.

But his magnetism control powers don’t stop there… Magneto also has the ability to manipulate all forms of energy belonging to the electromagnetic spectrum. He then has the strength to act on light, radio waves, as well as any type of rays. He can use it in a variety of ways, such as become invisible or reflect energy beams back to opponents.


Initially, Elixir only had the ability to heal people. He could heal wounds, ailments, and reactivate suppressed mutant abilities. It was only after being injured by Felina that Elixir gained the ability to also heal themselves. This change was accompanied by a coloration of his skin in gold.

Few characters have had their powers changed as much as Elixir. And for good reason, the young man is an Omega mutant, which means that he has almost unlimited potential. Over time, Elixir learned to use his biokinesis offensively. He can for example create tumors in the brains of his enemies. When he does, his skin then turns black. And as if the mutant didn’t have enough abilities like that, the writers of the comics also gave him the ability to bring the dead back to life, including himself.


Jubilee has long been considered one of the X-Men’s weakest mutants. In her early days, her only noticeable power was to shoot fireworks capable of dazzling or distracting opponents. But other than that, that was about it…

Then, over time, Jubilee developed her ability to blast her plasma balls. Depending on her will and her moods, she then showed herself capable of create explosions on a molecular level and cause damage to his enemies. Jubilee also sported the form of a vampire for a time.

4) Fawn

Henry McCoy, aka the Beast, surely possesses one of the most egregious secondary mutations of all. Originally, the mutant was just a man possessing enormous hands and feet, superhuman strength and vastly enhanced physical abilities (speed, endurance, agility, dexterity…).

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After leaving the X-Men, Henry McCoy switched to the villainous side and consumed a mutation-inducing hormone extract. Le Fauve therefore ended up developing a shape a little more in keeping with its name. A blue coat, sharp claws and fangs sprouted from him. He then underwent several mutations making him first resemble an ape, then a lion, and finally back to an ape-like form.


Remy LeBeau is a mutant who possesses the power to store kinetic energy in an object to cause it to explode. He therefore generally uses playing cards as a throwing weapon. He also has another power, relatively unknown, which he has mastered since his debut. This allows him to convince other people so that they can agree with him.

At some point, Gambit will temporarily lose the use of its eyes. He will then develop the ability to see into the future using tarot cards. After regaining his sight, he will lose this ability. When later transformed into a Death Rider by Apocalypse, Gambit will awaken the power of produce and manipulate poisonous gas. Provisionally, he will also obtain the possibility of using his original powers at a distance or even on human tissues.


Emma Frost is a mutant known in the Marvel Universe for her psychic abilities. It is therefore to be classified in the same category as Charles Xavier and Jean Gray, although its power is not quite equivalent to these two. His telepathic powers allow him to read and modify the thoughts/memories of its target, to mistreat her mentally or even to create mental illusions.

As a result of Cassandra Nova’s attack, Emma Frost has been induced into a whole new kind of power. She is now able to transforming his body into an almost indestructible diamond. When in this form, Emma Frost can lift a mass of 2 tons and her body becomes fully sealed and tireless.

7) Felina

Felina is a founding member of the New Mutants who has abilities never before seen in the X-Men. She has powers of lycanthropy allowing her to transform into a wolf or a half-human, half-wolf creature (called lupine form). The characteristics she sports in these two forms vary, but the basic principle remains the same: combine the attributes of the animal (strength, speed, senses) with those of a human (control of instincts, speech) .

The heroine was subject to a secondary mutation during the “Secret Empire” arc. She developed the ability to shapeshift into a pack of five wolves rather than transforming into a single animal as before. Felina also gained several enhancements to her physical properties, including an elongation of her claws in her lupine form.

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8) Iceberg

Iceberg is one of the most powerful mutants of his generation, with his Omega level a testament to his potential. Originally, Robert Drake was only able to project an icy breath from his hands and create solid structures. He could also cover his body with ice in order to improve his resistance.

But after Emma Frost took control of his body, he realized the full extent of his abilities. Iceberg then began to innovate in the way to use his powers. The hero learned to design and master ice statues. Iceberg also discovered that he was able to create ice from any source of moisture. In his icy form, he is now able to increase in size and rebuildand from nothing.

9) Black Tom Cassidy

Black Tom Cassidy had an unusual power. He could throw bursts of concussion or heat which he was channeling through the wood. The villain was also able to manipulate nearby plant life forms and accelerate their growth.

As a result of genetic modification, Black Tom Cassidy has been shown to be able to generate power with any part of his body grafted onto wood. After a secondary mutation, the character turned into a half-man, half-plant creature. He then merged with nature, which granted him new powers like that of to modify its size, to regenerate, to transmit its consciousness in plants and influence their shape.


Angel is a mutant whose main ability is to deploy a pair of voluminous wings that allow it to fly. These are very powerful and give it the ability to cut through the air at more than 500 km/h.

When the hero was transformed into an Archangel by Apocalypse, metal wings were grafted onto his back. This new attribute, which he ended up losing and then regaining, allowed Angel to increase his offensive potential by sporting feathers sharper and coated with a paralyzing agent. Today, he has the ability to switch between his initial pair of wings and the techno-organic looking one. Since his secondary mutation, Angel can also self-regenerate and heal others through the properties of his blood.

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