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Mario: rediscover this animated film from your childhood for free and in 4K


Since he is probably the most cult figure in the history of video games, Mario has logically had the right to a plethora of adaptations and other derivative products. This was particularly the case from the 80s, when the little plumber had not yet really acquired his letters of nobility. Take for example the case of this animated film dating from 1986, now available for free in a completely restored version!

Mario: the most outstanding figure in video games

A little scenario: you have been a gamer who has been passionate about video games since your childhood. For you, characters such as Nathan Drake (Uncharted), the Master Chief (Halo), or Commander Shepard (Mass Effect) no longer hold any secrets. Even if you haven’t played all of their respective games, they are part of your gaming culture.

But – always in situation – during a family meal, you pronounce all these names and no one, neither parents, nor uncles, nor cousins ​​have ever heard of them. On the other hand, if you evoke the name of Mario, you realize that this one speaks to everyone. It must be said that the mustachioed plumber has been squatting our television screens and toy shelves for more than 40 years, and almost as much as he strives to save poor Princess Peach from the clutches of the infamous Bowser.

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A mission he takes very seriously and which extends beyond video games: from 1986, we find him alongside his brother Luigi in the Japanese animated film Super Mario Bros. : The grand mission to save Princess Peach!. Already known to big fans, it is now accessible to everyone for free, in an updated version.

A restored relic of the past

The originality of the scenario of the games and other projects stamped “Mario” has never been the strong point of the franchise, and it’s not the animated film Super Mario Bros. of 1986 which will make us say the opposite, since oThere we already found Mario and Luigi going to the rescue of Princess Peach, whose plumber in the red cap fell in love. Nothing but very classic, but which you can now find for free in full (about 1 hour). Already more or less accessible by rummaging a little on the net, it can now be easily watched directly on YouTube or easily downloaded via this address, in a fully restored version in 4K and with audio recaptured from a higher quality VHS source.

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We owe this long-term work begun last year to the teams of Femboy Movieswho worked froma 16mm copy of the original film. It would also be, according to them, one of the last (or even THE last) original copies, probably used at local screenings before the official release of the film. Yes the final result is only available in the original version with English subtitles, this already makes it more accessible than previous versions. Perhaps we can hope for a VOSFR in the coming weeks.

On Youtube, Super Mario Bros. : The grand mission to save Princess Peach! is available at this address.

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