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Luc Besson shot a film in the greatest secrecy during confinement


Decidedly, Luc Besson is full of surprises lately. Besides the horror movie Arthur, cursederived from his saga Arthur and the Invisibles, which he produces with EuropaCorp, Luc Besson has other projects on the go. Indeed, during confinement, Luc Besson made a film in the greatest secrecy that he financed himself.

Luc Besson: the director returns to the charge

Lately, Luc Besson has been quite rare on the screens. It must be said that his last two films, Anna (2019) and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) turned out to be both critical and commercial failures. Anna had only reported $31 million at the box officewhile his ambitious science fiction film had also picked up with only 225 million dollars in revenue worldwide for a budget of 177 million. And then, the director had something else to do since he was accused of rape by actress Sand Van Roy (case closed without further action) and moral harassment and dismissal abusive by some of his former collaborators.

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But lately, Luc Besson has set foot in the curry. With its production company, EuropaCorp, here it is again with three upcoming projects. Firstly there is DogMan, his next film carried by Caleb Landry Jones, which will tell the complicated life of a young man whose love for dogs will save him. Then there is Arthur, curse. Directed by Barthélémy Grossmann, the feature film is a horror sequel/spin-off derived from the saga Arthur and the Invisibles, expected on June 29 in dark rooms. And in addition to these two projects, Luc Besson has just announced that he shot a film in secret during confinement.

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June and John: a short romantic film

As every year, the Cannes Film Festival allows producers to announce their upcoming projects and/or to seek distributors within the framework of the Film Market. Luc Besson took this opportunity to unveil a project that no one saw coming. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Luc Besson took advantage of the first confinement to film a romantic comedy in the greatest secrecy. Entitled June and Johnthe feature film is financed by Luc Besson himself and his wife Virginie Besson-Silla, via EuropaCorp.

A film shot in all discretion therefore, which is similar to a small romantic film, carried by young actors Luke Stanton Eddy and Matilda Price. For the moment, we don’t know anything more about this mysterious project, except that it is a production with a much more moderate budget than the filmmaker’s previous films.

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