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Lower costs, better quality of life… These companies that are developing in the regions


When you recruit new teams, should you do it at your Parisian headquarters, or outside? It’s a question to ask for anyone looking to develop their business, says Leslie Dickinson, director of customer service at Ankorstore, a marketplace that connects brands and designers to shops across Europe.

This French unicorn based in Paris has chosen Lille to set up its technical department, where around fifty people have been working since the end of December 2021. ” We needed multilingual profiles that can be found in both cities, but fewer companies are looking for such profiles here in Lille, and it is also more interesting financially, especially in terms of real estate. »

Settling in the region, or developing there, the trend is in tune with the times. Accentuated by the health crisis? “In any case, we are seeing a strong increase in companies established in Paris and wishing to open an office in the region, says Jules Latournerie, marketing director of Newton Offices, which offers turnkey workspaces in major cities. Is there really a Covid effect? There has not yet been a study conducted on the subject but we are in the process of doing it”, continues this executive based in Marseilles when the company is now also present in Lyon, Montpellier, Aix-en-Provence and Lille.

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Brittany and Pays de la Loire in the lead

According to the 2022 list of the 500 French growth champions (1), companies headquartered in the regions have increased by 10% compared to 2021. Other studies confirm the growing appeal of regions, particularly cities economically average. According to the Direction de l’Animation de la Recherche, des Etudes et des Statistiques (DARES), for Île-de-France, departures more than 100 kilometers from Paris increased by 34% over one year and arrivals there fell 12%, accentuating a trend that had already begun before the health crisis. Another example: the Barometer of professional mobility carried out by HelloWork, the French leader in employment, recruitment and training on the Internet, underlines that one out of two Ile-de-France residents is interested in a job outside Ile-de-France.

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At the head of the regions that best manage to retain their assets: Brittany and the Pays de la Loire. In “Extra-Muros”, a podcast launched by Guillaume Pellegrin, founder of Newton Offices, managers – CDiscount in Bordeaux, OVH and Booking.com in Lille, Faguo in Nantes, Voyage Privé in Aix… – explain the reasons for their development in the regions: lower costs (salaries and real estate), better quality of life, etc.

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“Decentralize the country”

“The podcast targets business leaders, entrepreneurs or employees who are looking for or hesitate to move, to show them that we can develop elsewhere than in Paris, and to recruit better too, underlines Jules Latournerie who produces “Extra-Muros”. The country needs to decentralize! »

A story shared by Sarbacane, which illustrates the first podcast in the series: “The province is not holding us back in our development and we are accelerating even without needing to get closer to major centres, explains Mathieu Tarnus, who runs this software publishing company, based in Lille since its creation 20 years ago. We don’t need to go to Paris to achieve our goals. »

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