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LEGO Marvel Bro Thor’s New Asgard: Recreate this Avengers Endgame scene with this LEGO set


Second highest grossing in the history of the world box office, Avengers: Endgame continues to amaze us. On the occasion of the film’s third anniversary, when it will soon be released on Disney+, why not treat yourself to this collectible LEGO Marvel set?

A new Marvel set to collect

After the destruction of Asgard at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, Odin’s son finally founded New Asgard. But far from being an exemplary sovereign, it is a completely dejected God of Lightning, with long and greasy hair, a paunchy belly, addicted to video games and beer that we find at the beginning ofAvengers: Endgame. And for good reason: if he had not tried to savor the revenge of the death of his brother Loki, and if he had simply aimed for the head of the Mad Titan, Thor could have saved the universe from the plans of Thanos at the end ofAvengers: Infinity War.

It is this New Asgard that is the subject of a brand new collectible LEGO set, which should delight children and adults who love construction and assembly games. Thor and Korg’s new home is overflowing with details: you’ll find their sofa, their television, their game console, and of course the bottle corpses everywhere. Not to mention the bilingual sign placed in front of their house and Thor’s Stormbreaker.

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With its 265 pieces to assemblehis three figurines (Thor, Korg and Miek), you can enjoy the pleasure of building your own New-Asgard. This collectible LEGO set is currently on sale.

However, if you want a LEGO set of the universe Star Warswith even more parts and elements to assemble, we remind you of the existence of this magnificent Millennium Falcon and its many figurines.

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