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James Bond: after 15 years, 007 reveals this little-known easter-egg from Casino Royale


Better late than never ! It is not uncommon that when a work conceals references and other nods, some are not discovered until years later. In this case, it is the official Instagram account 007 which recently revealed an easter-egg present in Casino Royale, a James Bond that dates back more than 15 years!

James Bond: a secret agent at the heart of a cult saga

When we talk about long mythical sagas that marked pop-culture, Star Wars or Harry Potter are often the first names that come to mind. But the British secret agent in the service of MI-6 registered 007, James Bond, is also well-known and has had the right to no less than 25 films.

The latest: Dying can wait Where No Time To Die, in OV. We find there for the fifth time the secret agent played by Daniel Craig, who has taken on the role since Casino Royale, released in 2006. It is this film which was honored on April 13 (a not insignificant date) last by the official 007 Instagram account, which shared a very little-known easter-egg!

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a reference to the original work

It is therefore officially that a small easter-egg of Casino Royale, dating from 2006, was shared on Instagram. The detail, particularly subtle, will speak only to the most fervent aficionados of James Bond.

Zoom in on this date of birth…

007’s passport in Casino Royale lists the date as April 13, a day chosen to honor the publication date of Ian Fleming’s novel Casino Royale.

It is therefore a direct reference to the work from which the film is taken Casino Royalereleased on April 13, 1953, that many of us have missed for the past 15 years!

casino royale: a movie full of easter-eggs

On the other hand, you may have discovered other easter-eggs on your own. The film acting as a reboot of the 007 franchise, it is indeed full of references to the James Bond universe. Take the example of the character played by Daniel Craig who, when asked if he wants his famous Vodka-Martini in a shaker or a spoon, simply answers “What the hell do I give a fuck?”.

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