Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO is going to Interview Edward Snowden


Jack Dorsey is interviewing the Snowden Edward for some questions for the Famed National Security Agency(NSA) Edward Snowden interviewing about his work or his views on the Cases on Russian Interference in the U.S Elections that he logged in to Twitter on Tuesday as CEO Jack Dorsey will be interviewing him on Twitter’s Live Streaming Application.

There are very few Great Personalities who are to share information and answer questions as Edward Snowden, Now you can ask your Questions to the former Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) employees and US Government as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will be Interviewing him on Tuesday.

The Interview will be between Dorsey and Snowden which will be done through Video Conference and will be Broadcasted at 10:30 IST on Tuesday on Twitter’s Live Streaming Application, those who are interested in asking their questions can submit their questions with the Hashtag#AskSnowden, To Recall Edward Snowden, became a sensation around the global after he leaked the information about regarding the Surveillance programs used the US Government to gain access to the People Cheat’s,emails,and Documents.

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It should be an interesting Chat, Twitter has long been a Platform claiming that  uphold free speech at times comes at the user’s have been bullied or harassed, who leaked documents of mass surveillance efforts by the U.S Government and certainly has some Experience of Free Speech.

A campaign launched in September by major civil rights working to win an official forgiveness for Snowden and announced the Question and Answers on Monday Morning with the Clients.

Snowden Leaked some of the information about the NSA Surveillance Programmes like “Prism” which gave the US access to public Personal data through some of the biggest Technology Companies, The NSA lives in Self-Exile in Russia to avoid the Charges he faces violating the Espionage Act and with other laws

Snowden has been vocal about the security measures and the features that adopted by various Tech companies and even Mobile Applications that he recently  criticised Google for initially Promising to keep only temporary message but finally Choosing to Store user data and barring incognito chats to improve the performance of its google Assistant

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It is Speculated that the recent elections made the US which was said to be influenced by a Fake news Spread online for Favouring Donald Trump will be a major topic to be during the Interview


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