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Inventing Anna (Netflix): the real Anna Delvey denies some stories about her character


Since its release, the miniseries Inventing Anna enjoys some success on netflix. However, it would seem that the project is not really true to personality of the protagonists presented… The real Anna Sorokin reacts to fiction directly adapted from his own life.

a biased interpretation of himself in Inventing Anna?

Films and series about scammers are definitely on the rise on Netflix! After The Kings of the Scam or The Tinder Scammer, Inventing Anna quickly rose to the top of the most viewed content on the platform. This series of Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, The Bridgerton Chronicle), tells the true story of Anna Sorokin, better known as Anna Delvey, a master con artist who posed as a wealthy German heiress in order to rip off New York high society. Between 2013 and 2017, she would have thus extracted from her victims 275,000 dollars. Interviewed by the magazine Cosmopolitan, the Russian-German scammer reacted to the fiction about his life. If many of the facts recounted are faithful to realityshe denounces a version somewhat biased in personperformed on screen by Julia Garner.

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What she blames above all for Inventing Annais to have made her pass for a crook of so big : “I don’t think I’ve had so many people under my thumb. I’m more aware of how I present myself. Not all the time, but I don’t think I’m that brazen and shameless”. What is certain is that she does not question the fashionista image given by the Netflix mini-series, Anna Delvey’s look has literally upset Google! The real Anna Sorokin still wants to point out that she spent time in prison before the fiction saw the light of day, which allowed her to to question and evolve. “Personally, I evolved a long time ago, I’m not the same anymore. But I’m affected by how the world sees me and what people think of me. I exist in relation to people, I do not exist only by myself”she confided in a video interview with the magazine.

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Actress Julia Garner met the real Anna Sorokin in prison

Before filmingInventing Annathe actress who interprets her, Julia Garner, had met her in the prison for women in Albion, in the State of New York. His first impressions of him were pretty good, as she told Town & Country. She described her as “kind”, “charming”but notes all the same that it can “to be much less gentle when she wants something”. Anna Sorokin is not the first person to react to Inventing Anna. Photojournalist Rachel Williams, who befriended the scammer (played by Katie Holmes), also denounced a misleading interpretation of her story.

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