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in Ukraine, satisfaction and a lot of expectations


About the two finalists of the French presidential election, the Ukrainians who tend, because of the war, to classify the world into two camps, express themselves without nuance: Emmanuel Macron is one of the friends, and Marine Le Pen of the enemies. When the re-election of the outgoing president was announced on the evening of Sunday April 24, former Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin posted a pithy message on his Twitter account: “In France, Macron won and Putin lost.”

On this Monday morning, April 25, on Independence Square in the center of kyiv, as the week begins, the place is still strangely empty, because many inhabitants are still refugees outside the city. But the Kievans who rush to go to work display their satisfaction.

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“Macron helps Ukraine, and if Marine Le Pen had been elected, she would have helped Russia”, says Sergei, an executive in the Ukrainian postal service whose head office is on the square. “Now there are hopes for more sanctions against Russia, with the end of gas purchases and increased support for Ukraine’s application to join the European Union. » Dmitry, an official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, adds: “Macron is more democratic. With him, there is a better chance that the European Union will remain united. »

Zelensky congratulates “a true friend”

During the night, President Volodymyr Zelensky congratulated Emmanuel Macron with a message on Twitter written in French. He describes it as “a true friend of Ukraine” and adds: “I wish him further success for the good of the people. I appreciate his support and I am convinced that we are moving forward together towards new common victories. Towards a strong and united Europe! »

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Former Minister of European Integration Ivanna Klympouch-Tsintsadzé, now an MP, says: “I followed the election campaign in France holding my breath. Marine Le Pen is the complete opposite of what we want. » His colleague Yaroslav Jelezniak, deputy of the Golos party also, nuances: “I have a total rejection of Marine Le Pen. But I am not entirely satisfied with the action of Emmanuel Macron. »

Diplomacy with Russia, an impasse

Like a certain number of Ukrainians, he criticizes the policy of the French president, considered too conciliatory with Russia. According to him, there is no longer any point in constantly arguing with Vladimir Putin. It is also the analysis of the weekly Ukrainski Tyzhdenwho is writing : “By multiplying the telephone conversations with the Russian president, Emmanuel Macron accredits the idea that we can come to an agreement with him. However, today, Vladimir Poutine is not frequentable any more. It is useless to play the flute on him like a snake that one would like to charm. »

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While Ukraine is fully engaged in the war to repel the Russian invasion, Ukrainians feel more supported by countries that have adopted a tough stance towards Russia and provide military support massive. At the forefront are the United States, Great Britain, Poland and the Baltic States. France is one of these countries ” friends “but the Ukrainians would like to see it be more firm.

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